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Found 7 results

  1. Last November 2018, in Southern California, my Rossi 12ga Overland Shotgun, was taken from my horse trailer. Also my tooled antique rifle scabbard. So if anyone knows of a deal, probably too good to be true. Someone got a nice Xmas present...
  2. Howdy All, Asking $1000.00 for a beautiful CZ SHARP - TAIL double barrel 12 gauge coach gun tuned by Johnny Meadows. (cylinders reamed and polished, friction points polished, cocking springs lightened, and stock cut down with kick ease pad added) LOP 12.5” Gun runs like a spotted ape but am upgrading to an SKB 280 and need to cover that cost I am the only owner and have put roughly 150 rounds through it. Specifics from CZ Below. https://cz-usa.com/product/cz-sharp-tail-coach/ Respectfully, MOE T VADER 104114 SKU06418 Firearm Type-Shotgun Purpose-Hunting MSRP-$1,006.00 Chambering -12 Gauge Max Shell Length- 3 in Barrel Length-20 in Chokes-Fixed Cyl/Cyl Stock-Turkish Walnut Length Of Pull-12.5 in Forend Style-Semi-Beavertail Receiver Finish-Color Case Hardened Barrel Finish-Black Hard Chrome Ejector Extractor-Extractor RibRaised Overall Length-37.5 in Weight-6 lbs Comb-1.5 in Heel-2.25 in Trigger Mech-Single Selectable P
  3. I have available a lovely AWA Coachgun - double-trigger in 20GA. It is smooooth to load, fire, eject, reload and fire again!! AWA ordered and imported these special made models - only 30 in 20GA and 30 in 12GA. Then they found it was too expensive to produce them in quantity. Mine is well checkered and engraved. Also, it has a slick leather butt-cover. $440.00 Of course, that's shipped to your favorite FFL - or if we can arrange a F2F within 100 miles of Lafayette, LA, then I'll throw in 200 rounds of shells. Several nice and informative pictures at: http://s589.photobucket.com/user/lamoho2/library/AWAShotgun?sort=3&page=1
  4. Howdy All, What do you think is the best Rifle, Pistols, and shotgun for SASS and WHYYY? This is your opportunity to brag on your gear, your gunsmith, your good deals etc. For the sake of example I will be using my Ruger New Vaqueros. Categories: 1. Out of the box ready to use. Example: Out of the box my Ruger New Vaqueros chambered in .357/38 felt great in my hands, shot straight, cycled flawlessly, and of course looked classy as heck. 2. Durability After having handled Old Vaqueros, Taylors, Cimerrons, Colts, Taurus, and even a few that i cant even remember the names the ruggedness of the ruger is awesome. Ive run full load 357 mags for silhouette, hunting hollow points, and of course Cowboy reloads. The only misfires I've had were from bad ammo. Not from the guns. I keep mine pretty clean. Solid wipe down after each match and a full Diss & Ass after every 300-400 rounds and doing so has no doubt extended their service life. 3. Cost Mine are the 5 1/2" Color case hardened NMV with consecutive serial #s. I got my hands on them two years ago for $1100 after shipping and they will no doubt out live me. 4. Upgrades/Parts/Gun Smithing The stock parts are pretty available. its when you start looking into specialty pieces like lowered hammers that you might start having trouble getting ahold of them. There are lots of very qualified smiths out there that can "slick them up, get them race ready or short stroke them" I had mine done by Shotgun Boogie and let me tell you I'll never go back. The short stroke and smoothness of the action is like nothing on any pistols I've ever handled. 5. Cost of Gun Smithing Welllll it wasn't cheap but when it comes to guns, condoms and toilet paper don't buy cheap or it will cost you more in then long run. 6. It makes me happy and feel cool Theres something intangible about having a pair of pistols that I have always wanted. The blued steel and color case hardening are beautiful. Heck I named my dog Ruger. Long story short, if its the gun you want and it makes happy then get it and shoot for the moon!! Looking forward to hearing everyone's preferences. Please feel free to add a category if you think it will benefit the post. Also, shout out to the Delzura Desperados! Had a blast shooting with y'all today!
  5. I use a SxS coach 12gauge and I'm going to start loading my own shotshells. I'm looking to load very light loads due to a shoulder problem, does anyone know of a site that has load data for this? Or maybe a book? This has been the only thing I've been able to find reducedrecoilshotshellloads.pdf Thanks -TC P.S. I forgot to say (if it's important) that I'll be using a MEC Sizemaster.
  6. FS- Camp Verde set up and tuned Ithaca SKB Model 100 12 ga. S x S. Excellent shape, I put less than 50 rounds through. Asking $950. SOLD Shout out to Slick McClade, I lost track of the order of interest and he set me straight with a PM, one reputable cowboy there!!
  7. I have two Winchester 1897 shotguns for sale. Just have to many to fit in the safe. One is a compilation of several guns, has a new stock and works well. It has a hole in the receiver from a past repair and is definitely not stock, it has a Cowboys and Indians ejector and past action job. I want $400 for it and I'll pay shipping to your FFL. The other is in good shape. The stock is worn and the forestock does not match. The gun ejects fair but could use a new quality ejector. I want $300 for that one shipped to your FFL. Take em both for $650 or make me an offer! As far as trading goes, I could use a 1911 I could use for Traditional Wild Bunch. I have pictures I can email on request till I figure out how to post them here.
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