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Found 5 results

  1. I am looking to sell a brand new never fired Henry Big Boy 45LC. The model number is H006C. I am asking $700,00 or best offer. I can ship from my FFL to yours. I can also bring it to the Texas state match or to Land Run in OK City if you would like to pick it up in person. Would consider trade for old Ruger Vaqueros 4 5/8 stainless in 38/357. Thanks and God bless, Mojo
  2. Howdy All, What do you think is the best Rifle, Pistols, and shotgun for SASS and WHYYY? This is your opportunity to brag on your gear, your gunsmith, your good deals etc. For the sake of example I will be using my Ruger New Vaqueros. Categories: 1. Out of the box ready to use. Example: Out of the box my Ruger New Vaqueros chambered in .357/38 felt great in my hands, shot straight, cycled flawlessly, and of course looked classy as heck. 2. Durability After having handled Old Vaqueros, Taylors, Cimerrons, Colts, Taurus, and even a few that i cant even remember the names the ruggedness of the ruger is awesome. Ive run full load 357 mags for silhouette, hunting hollow points, and of course Cowboy reloads. The only misfires I've had were from bad ammo. Not from the guns. I keep mine pretty clean. Solid wipe down after each match and a full Diss & Ass after every 300-400 rounds and doing so has no doubt extended their service life. 3. Cost Mine are the 5 1/2" Color case hardened NMV with consecutive serial #s. I got my hands on them two years ago for $1100 after shipping and they will no doubt out live me. 4. Upgrades/Parts/Gun Smithing The stock parts are pretty available. its when you start looking into specialty pieces like lowered hammers that you might start having trouble getting ahold of them. There are lots of very qualified smiths out there that can "slick them up, get them race ready or short stroke them" I had mine done by Shotgun Boogie and let me tell you I'll never go back. The short stroke and smoothness of the action is like nothing on any pistols I've ever handled. 5. Cost of Gun Smithing Welllll it wasn't cheap but when it comes to guns, condoms and toilet paper don't buy cheap or it will cost you more in then long run. 6. It makes me happy and feel cool Theres something intangible about having a pair of pistols that I have always wanted. The blued steel and color case hardening are beautiful. Heck I named my dog Ruger. Long story short, if its the gun you want and it makes happy then get it and shoot for the moon!! Looking forward to hearing everyone's preferences. Please feel free to add a category if you think it will benefit the post. Also, shout out to the Delzura Desperados! Had a blast shooting with y'all today!
  3. Selling a uberti 1873 rifle Caliber: 45 colt Barrel: 24 in Installed parts: c and I aluminum carrier, pgw speed front sight, marbles tang peep sight, pgw lever wrap, pgw action springs, pgw main spring, light lever safety spring, competition trigger by the smith shop, 5th generation short stroke kit has the option to come with spare parts. Spare parts include: stock carrier, hammer link and pin, lever hook, stock action springs, stock links, stock main spring, stock rear sight, stock safety spring, stock trigger, stock lifter arm Cost W/O spare parts: 1600 With spare parts: 1900 6F853008-996B-4B10-9AA0-12D227C03765.MOV
  4. Howdy, folks! I've got a question for y'all. I've only been shooting CAS for six months, and I'm wanting to get into B-Western. My main reason is that I already have the clothes for it; they're my everyday wear. What's the best rifle for B-Western that's NOT a Marlin? Fastest, most reliable, longest lasting? I'm a lefty, and every Marlin I've shot throws the hot brass right onto my right arm, which gets old fast. I was considering a Rossi M92, IF I can find one. Price is also a deciding factor. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I've read the rules and I'm still a little unclear on something. I'm using a Marlin 1894 model rifle in .45 Colt, Uberti Malo pistols also in .45 Colt and CZ external hammer 12 gauge coach sxs SG. I'm confused what class I can shoot in, more specifically do I have the wrong rifle? Do I have to have a 1866 or earlier model?
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