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Found 5 results

  1. Selling one of the 1858 Remington Kirst cartridge conversions from the upcoming October Cowboy Chronicle article. Items included are: Pietta 1858 percussion (with percussion cylinder) a Kirst Gated .45 Colt/Schofield Konverter, an 1858 improved ejector rod assembly, original wood and inexpensive faux-ivory grips from "Get A Grip" and a brown slim Jim Holster. Will ship as black powder pistol, so no FFL needed, and 50 state legal. Also shipped separately will be the Kirst gated .45 Colt/Schofield Konverter, the correct ejector rod. The right side of 1858's recoil shield milled "to allow easy capping of cylinder," (and incidentally accommodates the gated converter for loading and unloading the cylinder. Works like a charm). The action is smooth and the revolver dead on at 15 yards with .45 Schofield rounds. The Konverter and ejector run $434 for the set, and the Pistol is $300, and the Slim Jim Holster is $35. You can have this for $525.00 + $18 shipping and insurance. That is a $245 savings, and the recoil sheild is already milled with a loading channel if you choose to use the Konverter (which would be another $129 from Kirst). The $525 is less than an Uberti 1858 in .45 Colt, but you have both a percussion revolver and a ,45 Colt with no FFL needed.
  2. I am seeking to purchase a Winchester 1892 model carbine with a large loop lever. So far I've only found it available in 45 colt and 44-40. I am interested in the 16" barrel, but can only find it NIB in 20". My question: 44-40 vs 45 colt. Which performs better in factory loads (regardless of cost or availability), and why? Note: I will NOT be reloading, and I don't mind searching for rounds then stocking up. I prefer factory ammo, and I don't care which is less expensive or less available...just which performs better. Intended use: I am interested in using the rifle for indoor/outdoor range shooting, possibly hunting, and hopefully SASS in the future once I get my kit together. Again, I'm not going to reload, ever. I prefer to purchase manufactured ammo. I am also aware of LeverEvolution ammo, which looks intriguing.
  3. I have for Sale 3 Leather-Wood Shell Holders. Leather Cover-Wood Bottom made for 45 Colt, color Brown One has 45 Colt on Leather, other 2 have Curly Bob on Leather, very Good Condition. For all 3 Price $40.00 plus $10.00 shipping and Ins.
  4. I have for Sale 3 Wood Shell Holders for a 45 Colt. Each Holders, Holds 20 rounds, very well Made. Very Good Condition Price $30.00 plus $10.00 shipping and Ins. SOLD BamaKid
  5. SOLD PENDING FUNDS WTS 1860 Henry in 45 Colt (LC) Imprints on rifle: NAVY ARMS CO. UNION CITY NY MADE IN ITALY CAL. 45 LC CAT. 2351 PROOF MARKS A. UBERT I- ITALY R SERIAL # 25+++ Ladder fold down rear sight Stock no short stroke Rifle butt leather cover. Lever leather cover Some scratches on cover plate. Please see pictures. 1st I'll take it posted on this site gets it. Shoots well, hate to let it go but life has a way of messing with you. $1000 + shipping Will ship anywhere your FFL will accept a shipment from an individual. No trades. Will only ship to FFL where legal. Your FFL must provide me with a copy of their license. Only bank cashiers check or money order please. Don't hesitate to PM me with any comments or questions.
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