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Found 4 results

  1. Now I am not a certified gun appraiser. But this price seems a little ambitious, unless there are some details I am not seeing. https://www.gunbroker.com/Item/875588024
  2. Up for sale is a 5 1/2" Uberti Cattleman in 32-20. This is a fairly recent production revolver (2017) and as such is well fitted and is of the "4-click" variety, having the pivoting hammer block that is actuated when the hammer is pulled back to the first click, or safety position. Timing is spot-on and the trigger pull is crisp and light. The rear of the front sight has been cut with a 40 lpi Swiss file which eliminates glare and makes for a much better sight picture. The revolvers cylinder throats are .3125" and the groove diameter of the barrel is .3105", by my measurements. These are compatible measurments and help make this a very accurate revolver. The original grips have been stripped and refinished with linseed oil (Some of the photos picture the grips prior to refinishing). I'm including with the revolver a set of original Colt grips that someone has done a pretty fair job of altering so they'll work on Uberti's. I had them on this revolver for awhile and they fit plenty good for shooting. Please excuse the crummy pictures, the bright Texas sun doesn't lends itself well for photography! If you want better pictures or more info, please let me know. $425 + shipping and the revolver will be shipped in its original box.
  3. For Sale- Everything you need to get in the 32-20 reloading business. A set of Lee 32-20 dies, a Lee FCD die, and 250+ pieces of Starline brass(plus a few odds and ends R-P and W-W), all fired two, maybe three times, all sized, trimmed, polished and ready to be loaded. All for $75 shipped to your doorstep. Thanks for looking!
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