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Found 6 results

  1. When my father past I acquired a second Model B style Tumbler. No need for two so I am offering one for sale. Checking with Midway USA I see the new price is 219.00. These are a large capacity very strong tumbler, will clean large numbers of brass either wet or dry. Very well made unit. $ 75.00 plus actual shipping
  2. Looking to thin out the safe some and this beautiful rifle needs to be used. A Pedersoli Lightning carbine in 357. I sent it to Lassiter and had him do his magic on the gun. Set up to slam fire this gun will feed and fire as fast as you can pump the action. Will feed and fire 38 spl as well but the gun is designed to use the 357 length shell case. Gun has very low round count. Some very light safe marks on the walnut stock. These are a fun gun to shoot in SASS. Sold Pending funds
  3. I bought this from Evil Roy a several months ago. It was bought for my wife but we have been sharing my rifle. This rifle is Brand new in the box and has never been used or shot by us. It was bought new from Evil Roy Firearms. SASS Specialist. Uberti/Cimarron 1873 Deluxe Short Rifle 18” Octagon / Round Barrel Texas Bush Popper. Caliber .357 Magnum/.38 Spl Evil Roy Short Stroked, Tuned and Race ready Barrel Length 18in. Style Texas Bush Popper Deluxe Short Rifle Capacity 10 + 1 Frame Case Hardened Finish Standard Blue
  4. I have a Rossi, by Taurus, 92 blued 20” rifle in 38/357 that I would like to sell or trade. I am only interested in cowboy guns for trade. I shoot black powder 90% and purchased a 1866 in 38 too shoot when I want to shoot small bore instead of my 44/40’s. The 92 is not as easy to clean up black powder. I am asking $520.00 plus shipping to your FFL. Thanks, DC I have only shot four matches with smokeless with this rifle.
  5. F/S 1873 Winchester Deluxe Rifle by Miroku in 44-40. Rifle has following features: 24" Octagon Barrel; Vivid Case Color Receiver: Shotgun Buttstock; Checkered forearm and checkered straight butt stock; forearm and butt stock are "exhibition grade" wood from Miroku. Rifle is new in box, never fired. Asking $1725.00 shipped to your FFL. Any questions, send me a PM. Reb
  6. For sale is a Josey Wales Coat in grey wool. The coat is my personal coat that I never got around to wearing. The coat has all the features of the movie coat.. rolled leather buttons, whip, ties and cape. It is lined with tea stained cotton muslin. Size XL 46-48 Email TUSACJACK2@aol.com $299.00 plus $15.00 shipping SOLD PENDING FUNDS!
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