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  1. Revised posting as most items have sold. I’ve got two items left that may be of interest to you all: Winchester Model 1886 SOLD! 1895 Colt Army & Navy .38 Colt S/N: 22x22 Army issue sidearm in the interwar years which I bought to fill my own collection as it came after the Peacemaker and DA. .38 Colt is a nice light recoiling round but you probably wouldn’t want to depend on it in battle. This one has a nice patina indicating extensive holster carry, still has a good amount of blueing on the frame, plastic Colt grips. Functions perfectly in DA/SA and shoots well. The cylinder and release have #725 stamped on them which may mean this was an armory rework at some point? At any rate, nice little bit of history here. I’d like $525 shipped for this one. 1902 Colt DA “Philippines Constabulary” 45 Colt SOLD! 1860 Spencer 56-50 SOLD! 1873 2-Band Trapdoor Rifle 45-70 govt S/N: 48114x, placing manufacture date sometime between April and June of 1875, a little over a year prior to Custer’s defeat at the Big Horn/ Greasy Grass. Barrel measures 31 3/16” Correct stock, sight, high arch breechblock. Comes with a nice leather sling and bayonet. Honestly, this is one of the nicest trapdoors I’ve ever shot (I have a video of me doing so if you’d like to see that). Beautiful bore and a really nice yet original finish overall. Cartouches present, no cracks and very few handling marks. I don’t know what the story on this one is but it’s been very well taken care of. Finish is better than 80% (or better) throughout. The blueing on the barrel is worn from mounting the bayonet suggesting this might have been a drill rifle? The woodwork is really nice. Function is flawless. Ejector kicks out brass very nicely. I just picked up an original cleaning rod as well (included) so this rifle is totally complete now. Check out prices on original 1873’s and the reproductions available and I think you’ll find this a pretty good deal. Shoot a piece of history! I’ll include a set of RCBS dies as well as 100 pieces of brass, mixed manufacture but all very good, most of it is nickel. Also including a canvas “prairie belt” with a Winchester buckle so you can shoot your aide matches. Carries about 25 rounds and I even have a few loaded rounds to get you started. I believe it is PMC or something but it’s commercial load 405gr FP ammo. Safe to shoot in a TD. I’d like $1225 OBO shipped for this one. Shiloh Sharps Model 1874 SOLD!
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