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    Shooting ,BPCR shooting, Reloading/Handloading, Woodworking,Motorcycling,restoring old Win. and Marlins,Fishing, ATVing and Drinking Pepsi..

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  1. Gold dust hit the road and voted also...

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    2. Cat Cummings SASS #1870L

      Cat Cummings SASS #1870L

      What kind of 45-90 are you shooting ?

      I have a Shiloh .45-90 and am using Starline brass.

      Can't quite seem to get the 90 to shoot consistently.    One nice 10-12 shot 5.5" inch group at 300 Yds.one time and the next time Shots stringing 3 horizontal and 8"-10 inches Vertical.


      Swiss 1 1/2 and 80 grains.



















    3. Texas Lizard

      Texas Lizard

      Browning Creedmore...And a couple of Hi walls by Winchester...Also have Hi Wall 120 and a couple of 45-70s...

      Almost forgot the lever action in 45-70 and 45-90...Need to try out the 45-90 lever...So many and so little time...

    4. Cat Cummings SASS #1870L

      Cat Cummings SASS #1870L

      I know the feeling.   


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