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  1. Been a long time Ringo. Hope to shoot with you again some day.



    As I'm sure you remember 2002-2005 were controversial years. Some of the Wild Bunch and shooters alike wanted it to be non-competitive while some of the Wild Bunch and shooters wanted it to be purely competitive. A big tug of war for several years and still is.


    I was approached before the match by a group of top shooters at EOT in 2004 wanting my support for a Pro-Category in SASS. The Pros would pay an extra fee, shoot for money and have their own posse. That year SASS was filming EOT for the Outdoor Channel and put what they thought were the top 40 shooter's on two posses. By doing so, they were insured they would have the winner on film. That's where the Pro idea came from and I was totally opposed to it. Thought at the time it would be the downfall of SASS and take the fun out of the game. In today's terms, it would mean no shooter would have a chance to shoot with Matt Black unless you paid a Pro fee. Lost what I thought was some friends over my decision but still stand behind it today. That's where Western 3-Gun came from.


    Then the move to New Mexico which opens up a whole other can of worms. No comment other than both parties were right and wrong.


    Yep, those were the years. :-)

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  2. The pictures sure bring back a lot of fond memories. Think that pic of us was around 2003 if not mistaken. Remember the first time I met FJT at EOT about 19-20 years ago when we were on the same posse. All we knew about FJT was he's new and was a college professor.  He was the life of the party on our posse and we affectionately named him our Nutty Professor. We didn't say it to his face because we just met and didn't want to hurt his feelings. Little did we know at the time what a great addition FJT was and is to this game!! Hope you plan on EOT this year my friend so we can catch up. Those middle years are tuning in to the old years now.  

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  3. Deuce,

    I'll read the wire but rarely respond.


    Jim and TL are pioneers concerning competition guns in this game and I admire and respect both these men.  Along with Wes flowers and Lassiter, they inspired me.  Very few know the trial and error it took to bring our guns to the level of performance expected from today's shooter's. I respect these pioneers of our sport. Everyone else should too.  


    Jim may have all the work he needs today without having to spend his days answering a phone. If he wants anyone's advice, he'll ask. We have spent time together alone discussing our business's. Had the same private discussions with Wes Flowers who was a dear friend. Spent time with Lassiter at his house and range when Handlebar Doc and I would shoot the Ohio match. I know these men and the trials and errors they went through to improve the guns of our game.


    These four guys deserve our respect and admiration for being trail blazers. I sure as hell admire them!! The best advice I could give the wire is speak up if asked and shut up about their business if not. They have been there, done that. 


    Rant over,

    Long Hunter

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  4. "Are the Old Model frames from old stock? Will they eventually go to the Hammer safety firing pin thingy on those too?"


    Yes and Uberti says they will but I'm not in the war room with them and Cimarron. :-) Guess they can make any deal they want.


    I'm like you Doc, never shot so slow I could count the clicks after the buzzer went off. Guess I need to slow down and enjoy the guns more. :-)



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  5. For what's it's worth since our business is brought up here, I never said stay away from Pietta's. I said Uberti's have better quality control so we made a business decision to only sell and work on them through the website. We do sell Pietta's in the store. Mostly their black powder guns.  As stated by others, I'll respectively ignore any further comments about me or my business.


    As far as the Old Model frames still having the magical 4 clicks, Rye Miles is correct.



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  6. There's zero difference installing a short stroke in a straight stock or pistol grip. It can vary a little from rifle to rifle regardless of the stock configuration. Never noticed any difference in how the sights set between the two. Have notice the sights can vary a lot depending on how I mount the rifle after the buzzer goes off. :-)

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  7. Widder,

    I'm not surprised either. There are guns I call campfire guns and then there are guns I call competition guns. 

    Campfire guns = hey, look how smooth this one feels while showing it off around the campfire and not competing. The problem is a slow hammer hammer fall sets a speed limit.

    Competition gun = hey, look how this one functions when it counts. 

    'IMO, no one will every compete competitively with a campfire gun."


    Seems like a lot of the newer shooters are convinced they need a campfire gun when a competition gun that goes bang every time with a quick hammer fall is what's really needed. Been there done that myself. :-)

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