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  1. I remember having the little pocket rule book they sent out every other year and told to keep in your pocket as you shoot, somewhere in it, it said ambiguous calls or rules always went to the shooter.
  2. Thank you, that is where the book is not clear. So gunfighter is a category and shooting style at the same time not just a shooting style like . Duelist or traditionalist (2 handed) is
  3. So is Lady Senior Frontier Cartridge gunfighter a age based category?
  4. True that is where I need to understand what the book saids: (Page 5) AGE BASED CATEGORIES Age based categories are offered to allow all participants to compete amongst their peers. Age based categories carry the following guidelines: - May use any main match revolver. - Revolvers may be shot in any SASS legal shooting style – EXCEPT Gunfighter. Age based Categories: Buckaroo/Buckarette, Junior Boy/Junior Girl, Wrangler/Lady Wrangler, Forty-Niner/Lady Forty-Niner, Senior/Lady Senior, Silver Senior/Lady Silver Senior, Elder Statesman/Grand Dame, Cattle Baron/Cattle Baroness, El Patron/La Patrona, El Rey/Lady El Rey So if I wanted to shoot Silver Senior (yes I'm old) I could shoot Duelist but not Silver Senior Gunfighter or Silver Senior Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter, because it is an age base?
  5. I know that and I shoot Duelist, Double. So you are saying you can't shoot Duelist, Double in Gunfighter?
  6. Page 5 said AGE BASED CATEGORIES - any style EXCEPT Gunfighter So how does page 10 say Lady Senior (age based) Gunfighter? when before they said no age base?
  7. Yes unofficial, it don't show Lady Senior Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter anywhere and the handbook said that is a category.
  8. That is the trouble, some say you can't they show it in the hand book. Some don't say anything and then say no. where is the flow chart? Frontiersman Rules: - Any main match percussion revolver with fixed sights. - Revolvers must be shot Duelist or Double Duelist style. Gunfighter can be shot Double Duelist
  9. Page 8: B-Western/Lady B-Western Category - Revolvers may be shot in any SASS legal shooting style, at the shooters discretion. Any SASS legal shooting style so can you shoot B-Western gunfighter?
  10. and...? if I shoot DD am entitled to say gunfighter But you are missing the point SASS handbook said (NO AGE) as a gunfighter but then they show age groups. So is it no age or yea age?
  11. But I do shoot Double Duelist and you can shoot Double Duelist as a gunfighter, so I'm fulfilling all the requirements of both. and not going out of either guidelines.
  12. I need clarification, went to my first match after a few years away from SASS and was going to shoot: Age: Senior Category: Frontiersman Shooting Style: Gunfighter I was told if I wanted to shoot style Gunfighter it had to be just gunfighter, no category, no age So I reread the rules (Page 5) So I understand Gunfighter is just Gunfighter no age no category. Then I read CATEGORY MATRIX (page 10) I plainly see S.A.S.S.’s handbook saying “SENIOR” gunfighter and better yet “SENIOR, FRONTIER CARTRIDGE” gunfighter. Guessing there is a paradox in the rules, page 5 said no “age base” for gunfighter, but page 10 shows an “age base”and some categoiess, so I am asking for clarification Can you shoot an age and category when shooting the stile gunfighter? Even B-Western said “Revolvers may be shot in any SASS legal shooting style, at the shooters discretion.” (page 8) does that include gunfighter stile? Opinions are one thing, I’d like clarification from S.A.S.S.
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