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  1. Thank you Griff, I think rules say 36~45 caliber for C&B's. I just don't want to get pistols then be told I can't use them.
  2. Thank you Sir, I appreciate your input. I know I picked wimpy main match revolvers. But first I know I'll never win a match or even a category unless they have the "Silver Senior Frontier Cartridge Left Handed Double Duelist" (Joking) I am going for style points and just plain fun.
  3. So I’m looking at some black power percussion revolver for my main match guns, but I’m so confused. I tried reading the SASS rules such as REVOLVER REQUIREMENTS: Original single action revolvers manufactured prior to 1899, their approved replicas, (where is that list) and the SASS approved single action adjustable sight revolvers are the only revolvers approved for use in SASS main match competition. REVOLVER CALIBERS: Percussion calibers of at least .36 caliber and no larger than .45 caliber. Also even though 36 caliber cap and ball revolvers are legal, they may not be powerful enough to handle all reactive targets. Safety & Handling Conventions – Revolvers: Five-shot revolvers may load five rounds, but the hammer must rest on a dummy chamber or safety slot/pin in the cylinder to avoid the hammer resting on a live round/cap. I also read A pocket pistol is a small frame, fixed sight, pre-1900 design revolver having a barrel length of four inches or less. Pocket pistols may not be used as or converted to main match revolvers. Now for my question; I like both the “1862 Police Revolver” and the "1862 Pocket Navy Revolver.” They both have a 5-shot Cylinder, they are 36 Caliber, and they have 5 ½ inch barrels so they are not pocket pistols by SASS definition. So can I use them for my main match revolvers? P.S. I know everyone like the guns they picked to shoot and there are a 1000 models and reason to pick other guns. I'm picking the ones I pick for a character I'm trying to recreate, and not just use the 45 colt. This is not about the best one to use but if the one I'm thinking is legal to use.
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