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  1. Thank you JEL, for that info, I could really do better at researching what I'm told by local LE officials, and knowing these laws for myself. My attorney evidently knew better, but local LE kept pointing me to civil court, and saying there was nothing criminal in this guys actions, since I voluntarily gave him my gun collection. Sometimes even the police on the street level don't know the laws apparently, and I have been aware of this in other situations. Thank you for clarifying the matter for me and everyone else in this forum. And yes, I did speak with the ATF, and they told me it was a civil issue, and that they were mainly concerned with the proper registration and transfer of firearms. Go figure. Thanks again to all who have commented, it's a shame we even have to learn these lessons, especially the hard way.
  2. Hey folks, I'm not asking anyone for anything here. Just thought the members who got ripped off might enjoy a little sense of justice for the sorry rotten scammer who took advantage of them. Good of you to watch each other's backs, and I agree, you don't know me from Adam. However, if you have been scammed by this lowlife, please make a police report, if you haven't already. A history of fraud is necessary for prosecution, not just one incident. And who knows, maybe, just maybe you could recoup your losses. It can be done by phone, with info from my original post. If you have any doubts about this sorry rotten scammer, check this forum to see what happened to your members previously. Again, I'm only offering to share my story about an action against a lowlife who scammed the members here, and no telling where else. If this is causing a ruckus and discord, feel free for any Admin to close the post and end the story. I stand by my accusations, and if you read the post from the beginning, it should answer any questions you may have. Have a great day and be safe! PS: Local detective's told me when you consign items and they are not paid for, guns included, it is not considered stealing, so "stolen" does not apply, legally, in this instance. Let's see what happens in court.
  3. Thank you all for these comments and questions. I did indeed type out an agreement and get his signature on the consignment papers. His bound books should indeed tell the story. We shall see if there is still any justice in this land, and of course the courts will issue a decision we will all be held to, regardless of right or wrong. I will update, after the scoundrel has been found at his place of business, and brought into the courtroom to answer for what he has done to me, and any others brave enough to step forward. Life goes on, no matter how the court rules, but I am giving it my best. Thank you all for your interest and input! If nothing else comes from this, I am grateful to have found a truly great bunch of people whom I could definitely get along with quite nicely! God Bless and take care!
  4. BTW, you'll need his address to file an Incident Report. The one above from the old post is correct. It is in the plumber's building, next to the express walmart. There is a strip mall next to walmart, it's the next building, back off the road, at 8133 East Brainerd Rd. Everclear Pools is the business name on the front, with the plumber being in the back half. His landlord evidently. Doubtful he knows he's a crook, but we sure do. and I like the way you think Hoss!
  5. Thanks Hoss. To Colorado and Barleycorn, he has an FFL indeed, but the guys a bad apple. Just got his SOT this year for Class 3, if my info is correct. From his demeanor, I'm sure lots of skeletons are collecting in his closet, and might be a few in his backyard. Not sure the BATF around here even notice, so long as he pays his fees. No telling what an audit would turn up. Probably not my guns or my money, but IMHO, he shouldn't be allowed to play with guns, especially SMG.
  6. Howdy fellow shooters and SASS enthusiasts! I'm a new member to the forum, and an avid gun collector and shooting enthusiast myself. A while back, I consigned a gun collection to a local FFL licensed dealer to sell at local gun shows he was setting up tables and attending. He never payed me for nor returned a number of the guns, and I went online to check him out which brought me here, where I found an article detailing your efforts to help a member who was taken advantage of by this same dealer. And then another member spoke up that he too, had been scammed by this person. I'm saying all of this to let members know I have filed an action in Chattanooga, TN with the Hamilton County Court system to prosecute this man for Fraud, and a civil action addressing the monies owed for the firearms kept without payment. If any member should choose to join in the complaint, I will list the info below for your convenience. The scammer should be addressed and his actions reported to include a history of his fraudulent actions. If he never made good with you, and kept your money, may I encourage you to make an incident report by phone with the governing police jurisdiction listed below. God Bless you all! and keep that gunsmoke billowing! Maybe when I retire, I can join your ranks and the extreme fun you have in your hobby! Meanwhile, I enjoy your forum and reports of activities from here! Chattanooga City Police Services Center 423-698-2525 Ask to have an incident report taken, it doesn't matter how long ago it was. He took my guns on consignment in September, 2020. If you want to share your Incident Report # here, I'm sure the prosecution would find it helpful to establish a pattern of fraud This guy needs to stop ripping people off, and know he will be held accountable. Original post partially, shown below Hoss, When I look up "Brian Worley" and Chattanooga, TN I get BW GUN ENVY8133 East Brainerd RdChattanooga, TN 37421Telephone: 423-320-6620 When I plug that into Boogle Maps, I get Walmart's parking lot. But, has Tom called him and told him that he can't place an order and to return his funds? (I'm sure he must have, but just asking). The next step is to contact the TN AG's office... I don't know if "Brian Worley" is, in fact, in TN or if there really is a store, or if the store is even his.
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