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  1. Glue it back together and make boards????
  2. Hodgdon on line reloading data shows 30-06 with H4895 with a 150 grain bullet @ low end 43.0 gr and high end @ 47.5 grains. There is no disclaimer about being compatable with the M1 Garand however. HOWEVER; Hornady shows an exclusive loading for the M1 Garand, with HODGDON H4895 POWDER, AND 150 TO 155 GRAIN BULLET The load shows 46.4 max
  3. Well, AND THE LOCK NESS MONSTER was sighted on sonar apparently, according to the Washington Post.
  4. Happy Birthday Marines. Not me, but four (4) of my cousins served in the Corp. Bless them all.
  5. I only load 150 grain bullets over a load of IMR 4895. So I guess my info is not going to help you. The CMP websight has a reloader thread that might also help you .
  6. I just finished reading his book. Interesting stories.
  7. My bucket doesn't have a bail! Heck, I don't have a bucket either.
  8. Found eight hundred Large rifle Primers . (Virtual of course.) See, being a good boy has rewards.
  9. I too lament the passing of Remington. They made some impressive firearms and shooting products in the past. When they fell behind, they were bought up by people that had more attention on selling off the profitable part of the business. As of now, the pieces are in the hands of several companies. Ruger is the only one that I am familar with, and can only hope that they and the others will not destroy the name of Remington and Marlin. I have been watching the market place and the prices are outrageous. But the golden rule is the guy with the gold gets to make the rules. Just my view from the fence.
  10. Been on the Admiral several times. Back in the late 1940's, early 1950's there was another paddle wheeler called the Avalon that took excurision rides out of the local water front in Chester, Illinois. Being a waterfront town, the pull of paddlewheelers was strong. The Avalon sailed up and down the river giving out rides. Lots of fun. You really need to read this book.
  11. That is because some freckled face kid caught them all, about 35 years ago.
  12. Alilene Slim, You need to read this book. I am up to July 1805 at the three forks of the Missouri river. The have used sails, push poles, horses and ropes of elk skin, and men pulling as horses do. There were no snoflake characters this trip. I have no doubt they used sails and/or pushpoles between Cario, Illnois and St. Louis/Alton.
  13. According to the news locally, that is prezactly what they did. Be interesting to see what happens in the Spring, when they come out of hibernation.
  14. They should have bought a lottery ticket after that happened.
  15. You guys are forgetting THE EARTH IS A BOWL , not flat. IF IT WAS FLAT THE WATER WOULD ALL DRAIN OUT.
  16. I shoot .44 Specials in my virtual Marlin 1894. I find it is more accurate than thre .44 Maginum ammunition I load and buy. I have often thought of a .44 virtual pistol. I do not notice much difference between both calibers in the recoil department.
  17. I have a modified one, (Virtual of course). The action seems to very robust. It is more accurate than my virtual Garand. But then, that is a virtual bolt action vs. a virtual semi auto.
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