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  1. Just saw your post, Doc. I will include you and your wife in my prayers. Wishing you a better 2021, and hope your path is smoother in the future.
  2. What ya trying to tell us, Slim? Is the bridge out again? Did Lassie fall in the Well? WHAT? WHAT?
  3. My Dad and I would shoot alligator gar with a .22. Miss those times.
  4. Thanks Whiskey, they must work. Just got a call from the Hospital that her check in time has been changed from 0530 hours to 0730 hours. That makes it much easier on her.
  5. We had our normal flu shots in September I believe, or early October.
  6. We got the notice that we can expect the vaccine sometime during the first two weeks of January. I received a call from the company that supplies the machine that supplies my oxygen, that if I had any of their rented equipment not in use to call their office for a pickup. Apparently Washington is in need. Or perhaps California or New York .
  7. Asking for any prayers you can spare. My wife is going into the hospital tomorrow for a heart valve replacement. She, like myself is getting along on the trail, and her health is not 100 %. Any spare words to the trail Boss would be appreciated. Thank You and God Bless. Just got a call from my daughter who has established a line with the hospital. My wife is still in the hospital due to a complication. I would there fore ask for your prayers, Thank you.
  8. COFFEE; THE LUBRICATION OF INDUSTRY AND LIFE! Ah yes, mess hall coffee. After the Mess Officer took theboot out of the coffee pot, quality went down hill.
  9. Then Juno would make sense to me. Thanks Marshal.
  10. It is, but we used Juno. And no, I do not know why.
  11. Congratulations to you both. Wishing you many more happy ones.
  12. But of course they are custom made, Smoke. Who would want to walk around with an off the rack, rack?
  13. Years ago, and in another galaxie, I worked in a Bank in Detroit. Well, one pre Christmas day, one of the girls that worked in my section, came in and introduced her boyfriend. Seems he and another fellow were starting out in their own business. They were both Chocolatiers and just starting out. He brought some samples of his work and passed the box around. I took a sample and popped it into the pie hole. When I bit down on it, my mouth lit up like the Christmas tree in the corner. It was a chocolate covered cherry bathed in very nice brandy. Never forgot that moment. Nev
  14. You also? I find that to be an inconvience, but I soldier on.
  15. Looking at today's offering, I am in the "LEAVE IT AS IS" catagory.
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