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  1. Archery hunters don't have that problem, so I am told.
  2. Cold Lake, that was a world war. You were either against us or with us. Thank you to all that stood for freedom, what ever uniform they wore, and the folks that back home supported them to the fullest. Hitler and Tojo did not have a good plan for those that were conquered.
  3. Best popcorn I ever ate was made by my Grandfather. He popped corn from a jar, in an iron skillet with a lid, using LARD for oil, and a wood burning stove for heat source.
  4. Well, I still am wondering about the Washington team. I know that there are a lot of rabid Huskie fans here in the great Pacific Northwet, but I do not see them playing Alabama. That said, I do not see any college team beating the tide. Didn't say that I like it, just the way I SEE IT. But that is why they play the game.
  5. J Mark ain't just like the rest of us folks. He is J Mark. Welcome to the SALOON Pardner. Bottles get the stuff with the three XXXs on the label.
  6. Ah yes, I must check my inventory of MacNaughton. http://www.bing.com/search?q=celtic+woman+the+little+drummer+boy+youtube&qs=RI&pq=youtube+celtic+woman+little+drummer+boy&sc=1-39&sp=1&cvid=D098D8727093469B8995232EFB854698&FORM=QBLH
  7. A Joyous and profound Christmas and may your NEW YEAR be overflowing with wonderment and prosperity.
  8. Backwater, I just love to step on the toes of the PC crowd. I wish everybody I come in contact with; MERRY CHRISTMAS!
  9. But it is coming so you better watch out, better be good Yul. If you ain't, you could get a lump of coal. And then they would be down on you for pollution.
  10. Ah yes, the memories. Gersthofen had some nice bakeries and a few gasthauses. Never went to the field without a stop at the baker for some brot. Those Pfeffernusse are addictive.
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