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  1. Condolence to his family and prayers of course.
  2. Those "THINGS" (106 mm Recoiless) make big medicine and lotsa noise. But they are a burden to reload and to clean
  3. BUT. and there is that ugly but again, What do you do with all those expended batteries? Use them for decorations. I guess I am hopelessly OLD SCHOOL.
  4. I am having electronic problems also. My cell phone died, my printer won't work, my wi fi router went TU and had to get a new one. What house is Aquairis in now?
  5. Just made a discovery for me. According to the reloading page over @ the CMP forum, Winchester W296 and Hodgdon's H110 are the same powder, different package. There apparently are some cautions about using reduced loads in the W296, But Hodgdon doesn't say anything about it with their H110.
  6. Good Luck. At least with Kaya on stand, you will have some meat.
  7. As I understand the NEW NORMAL, a lot of the stuff on the U. S. market are parts made in China, exported to the U. S. and repackaged to reflect "MADE IN U.S.A.". Makes it cheaper for the end marketer. I have no problem with a company making a buck, BUT. and there is always that ugly but, as Ben Franklin supposely sed, "IF WE DON'T HANG TOGETHER WE WILL SURLY HANG SEPERATELY".
  8. Perhaps they will be replaced by an expansion of the Tuffed Titmouse?
  9. Just because she can outshoot you, you don't get her toys, even if you are the Dad.
  10. Which one? There is a difference between H 4895 and IMR4895. I believe it is a pressure difference between common loads. I have been using IMR 4895. I believe that is similar to the military load. I could be wrong about the military, but the powders are different.
  11. But the encabulator has to be set on WINTER
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