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  1. Listening to you children makes me feel like a trail blazer. I got my fourth (4th) GREAT GRAND CHILD last August. and yes, all 4 are GREAT
  2. Maybe he was thinking of a new advertising slogan, like "THE RESTAURANT WITH A LOT OF HEART"?
  3. It is the ones that you don't see that are the most worrysome.
  4. I have a CZ Varmint .22 LR. Nice rifle. It ain't all that purdy, but it ain't all that ugly. No body should shoot an ugly gun, unless it is by choice.
  5. Shooting a full hornet's nest from 7 feet sounds like a bad idea. But then again, some bad ideas are looked upon as a challenge by some. I know baking soda is good for bee stings, but not right sure about hornet stings.
  6. Does pulling the trigger harder also increase the impact at terminal impact?
  7. A lot of the people in the media talk odd. Drink two beers and go to bed. you will feel better in the morning.
  8. Check out CZ USA's Bobwhite offering in 12, 0 & 28 gauge. Extractors only, double triggers. Good stuff. But, always an ugly but, Made off shore.
  9. But, the wabbit prevails pwvails! Long live Bugs Bunny Eh, WHAT 'S UP, DOC?
  10. Sitting at my desk, phone rings, my wife says, "The President has been shot". I announced it to my fellow workers. A few moments the Big Boss came around and announced that we were shutting down.
  11. I suspect he/she doesn't have a big interest in working with you.
  12. Urban legend or actual fact, I donna know, but some years back it was said in hunting circles that some young fellow ( 11 YO)? shot and killed a grizzly bear, in Alaska. He shot it in the ear with a .22 caliber rifle, according to the story.
  13. Just saw a flag on the TV that this coming Friday, the History channel is showing a marathon all day. For those that need a refresher course into the 101 Airborne in WW II.
  14. Fun to shoot, Good teaching aid, less expensive ammunition, usually less expensive firearms, what not to like. I have been watching the Marlin transfer to Ruger. Looks like that little 39A is a custom item, with big buck for an MSRP. Could spell the death knell for that little beauty.
  15. Give the politicans their due. They are capable of any any number of self serving legislation.
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