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  1. I thought you posted about lubricants. Silly me.
  2. My wife and I had to give up on making it. But it was killer, when sitting in brandy for 3 months. Nothing dry about it.
  3. I had to look that one up. I just started using skirts and blades a couple of years ago. How about a garden worm i.e. garden hackle
  4. Does it have the rebound hammer and new safety? A fellow over on rimfire central has a fix for it. I haven't tried it.
  5. Strange fish story, but true. I had returned to my youth, back in SE Missouri to visit my cousin. We decided to fish a small Southern Illinois lake. I had my fly rod with me and my blue gill spinning rod. I had decided to try catching blue gill with a fly rod. I threw a few small flies on a box and took them along. Well, we had been fishing for quite a while, when we decided to crack open a libation to fight the heat, and gobble a PB&J in the bargan. We were against the bank, under a big tree with shady branches overhead. I had tied up a big white maggot looking fly, with just some white
  6. Yeah, I think I have come full circle too. After Willie Wheelgun passed, things just didn't seem the same. So I hung up my spurs, so to speak, drifted away from CAS and went to the trap range. But that too, lacked comaradere so I drifted away from that too. Then my health went south, so now I pretty much hang out in the Saloon.
  7. Why do FAST? Sit back and call your shots. Enjoy, life is short.
  8. I have 6 of them.Two just like that one. And 6 Jitterbug Lures. Fred knew what he was doing.
  9. Looks YUMMY, Slim. My little 3 wt was made just for that. Fishing a soft hackle would be deadly! Thanks for sharing. ED: Brookies are fun. They will eat anything.
  10. The water will tell you. Learning to read the water is a true gift, and makes the fishing MUCH more interesting. Dimples on the surface do not necessarly mean a dry fly. Some times the fish will take nymphs, or rising caddis pupa just under the surface. They most likely will ignore a surface fly at such times. Remember, you are in the fish's dinning room. They know what they want. they don't care about your fly boxes contents. Even the largest fish has a small brain, but it is hard wired into a few things. 1. Survival from above. Watch out for Birds feeding on fish. 2. What i
  11. I don't think so, Abiline. It is an ill wind that blows no one good, or so they say. Whom ever "they" are?
  12. My family has allegiance all over the board. Army, Navy, Marines Corp. But we are all 100% American.
  13. So were the middies. I believe they brought that fog with them from Annapolis.
  14. My two sons in law are going to have a tough time this week.
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