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  1. Tomorrow is the 76th anniversary of the beginning of the battle. December 16, 1944. That custom bench rest looks like a custom job.
  2. Or maybe in liberal doses, you won't care or notice.
  3. If we are going to recommend names, how about the Cleveland Snowflakes?
  4. I had to step back a step or two, so I didn't leave powder burns on the target. Do you think I need new glasses?
  5. Just went over to the Marlin web page. They no longer list the 39 A rifle. So I am guessing that it was not that big of a seller, Ruger had a line of .22 LR rifles available. Well, I still have my virtual one. Great little .22 for sure.
  6. Bill had a recent one he got from Bass Pro shop, that looked like the one you posted except for color.
  7. Bhahahahahahaha! You ask a a question like that to a Marlin guy. 39AS
  8. Heavens help us, the snowflakes are offended? Where is my sack cloth!
  9. Hear the tribe is going to change out their name. That doesn"t sound good. What is wrong with Cleveland Indians?
  10. M1 Garand, .22 long rifle cartridge, range 50 yards. And it is still a crummy target.
  11. Snow is bad enough with these fairweather drivers, but ice storms are another critter all together.
  12. Maybe fish guts or rabbit brains? Have you been playing Troy Landry again, Bill? Could be 'gator stuff too.
  13. Low Recoil Fiocchi 12 gauge @ Midway USA. Priced at $10.99/25 shells. FYI Apparently in stock
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