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  1. Charlie, I just read a post on the CMP forum, about my inquiry about DEM 43 ammo for the Garand. 

    Poster stated that the CMP had issued cans that had been re-packaged in 1960.

    Originally the rounds were issued in stripper clips and bandoleers. 

    They repackaged them in loose cans in 1960.

    Rounds are corrosive being that they were made before 1952 and WW II rounds. 

    Poster said he had two cans, shot half of one and still had one sealed. 

    So I guess it is ok to shoot but must be cleaned and treated as corrosive. 

    1. Charlie Whiskers

      Charlie Whiskers


        I have about 300 rounds of ball ammo that I've had for years. It's been quite a while since I dug out the Garand's. I spend more time shooting my cowboy guns.

        When I do want to burn up some military ammo, I haul the M1A out and go through a hundred or so of that. I bought 750 rounds of British Berdan primed ammo that shoots pretty darn good for $239. And I traded a barrel for a Remington 1187 my uncle had for another 500+ rounds of several brands of 308. I keep meaning to take the M1's out and burn up some rounds but it seems every time I think I can do it something comes up on a new "honey do list".

        Neither of the M1's are CMP rifles. The Springfield one I bought at a gun shop when I was on a trip to Vegas. The other is a composite built one with a Danish or Norway built barrel....I forget which. It shoots better than the Springfield with ball ammo. I bought that one from SOG international in 2000.


      Thanks for the info though,



  2. Pat, contact Patrick Reagan @ Badman Bullets. That is where I get mine. 

    He is in Lebanon, Oregon. 

    Patrick@badmanbullets.com  or 541 409 5047



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