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  1. Afternoon BMC,


    Are you getting your fishing tackle limbered up?. ....I am. I fround a situation I want to fix . I have and old Fenwick Ferralite flyrod that really needs to be refinished as it is really dull and pretty ugly. Have you ever refinished a fiberglass or graphite rod? If so whet did you use or suggest I use.


    I have had the rod for at least 50 years. I also have a Pfleuger 1495 reel I've had since 1955. I use this setup on my pond for bass, crappie & bluegill.


    Big Sage

    1. Badger Mountain Charlie SASS #43172

      Badger Mountain Charlie SASS #43172

      I don't think I can help you very much in the refinishing department. But I believe that Fenwick is still making rods. Perhaps you could get some info from them. These were top of the line rods back in the day, and still are high quality stuff. I believe it was designed originally by Don Green, who later moved on to Sage. My fly fishing club hosted 

      a slide show and lecture by Mr. Green, years ago. It was about fly fishing  for Atlantic Salmon in Eastern Canada. What a show. 


      That Pfleuger 1495 is an heirloom. I had one back in the day. Had the best braking system I have ever seen on a fly reel. Wish I still had it. 


      I no longer have contact with the club and all my buddies have passed on. So I am pretty much a dead end. 


      Let me know how it works out for you. 



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  2. What's on your mind?

    1. Badger Mountain Charlie SASS #43172

      Badger Mountain Charlie SASS #43172

      I am having trouble with the pictures. I found the files but I can not get them to transfer and the size is over size.

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