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  1. All of you did much better than my first handgun purchase. Once I turned 21 (legal age in Kommiefornia), I bought a WWII Victory revolver (pre model 10)...in the old 38 S&W (not 38 Special). Has both British and Australian proof marks along with US Property mark, so it was a WWII Lend Lease gun. I found it in Shotgun News surplus importer ad for $119 and my local FFL charged me $25 to order it. None of the stores had 38 S&W ammo, but luckily I started reloading a couple years prior to buying it, so I cranked out my own ammo. 32 years later, I still have that old gun even though I haven't shot it in 20 years.
  2. I need to figure out what I'm going to do very soon. I retired from the military, now I'm retiring the badge and blue uniform. Original plan was to retire at the end of this month, but recently had a talk with the Chief, now it looks like I'm pulling the plug in either August or December. I was thinking about volunteer work or teaching at a local range. If I do volunteer work in retirement, it will be kind of nice showing up for "work" knowing that I can walk away at any time without financial consequence. Can't pull my salary if I'm "working" for free. In any case, I cant do nothing, it would drive me nuts. I lived structured life ever since I went in the military in the 80's up to being a soon to be retired cop now.
  3. ptmn

    Corrosion X

    I got a can many many years ago when it was new to the market. I sprayed down several old parkerized MAS 49/56 magazines that I got pretty cheap due to some light to moderate rust. Left it on heavy for a month, then hit the mags with toothbrush. It didn't lift or make the rust any easier to remove than Hoppes No9 or Ballistol, bit I did find that it works better than Ballistol or CLP when it comes to storage. Sprayed a coat of CorrosionX on several pistol magazines I brought back from overseas. I left them in open air in a tray under my cluttered work bench in my garage and forgot about them until doing some cleaning 10 years later. Not a spec of new rust and the coating was still slightly wet after all those years. Had I left a coat of Ballistol or CLP on them and left them in open air, I'm sure those oils would have dried up after ten years. The CorrosionX also protects my hand tools from rust. They get pretty grimy working on my 69 Camaro, so I give the tools a shot of brake cleaner to get the crud off, then wipe them down with a rag with CorrosionX before putting the tools back. Keeps them in great condition. I've never tried to use it as a lube before, so not sure if it would work for that. I usually lube with CLP or Lucas Gun oil like Cactus Jack
  4. Thanks for all the replies. I really like the Amazon link Doc Shapiro posted. I'm going to order those, since their 2 ounce size is perfect and they are affordably priced.
  5. I'm sure someone on the forum has knocked over a 32 oz bottle of Hoppes No9 bore solvent like me. I've been thinking about pouring some Hoppes in small plastic dropper bottles to make it more convenient and to minimize the mess and loss if I knock the bottle over again I tried it with my military issue CLP squeeze bottles they issued in our individual cleaning kits but the plastic wouldn't hold up. Was looking online and the most common small squeeze bottles are made of the following plastics: HDPE, LDPE and PET. Has anyone successfully used any of those types of plastic with Hoppes No9 or Ballistol?
  6. Nobody wants to address the elephant in the room, so i'll bring it up. Does porn count? It gets watched over and over. On a more serious note, I've watched Last of the Mohicans starring Madeline Stowe and Daniel Day Lewis countless times.
  7. An acquaintance of my wife is one of those leftist Berkeley trolls and a hardcore granola eating vegetarian. One day that woman was showing pictures of her cats. Me being me, I walked over and told her "I love cats..." her face lit up until I finished my sentence, "...they're great on rice" .
  8. The liberals always make that comment about how our modern firearms are so "deadly" and "lethal" that nobody should be able to possess them. These are the same hypocrites that live in exclusive and expensive gated secure communities to keep the rift raft out. Some of them don't own firearms, champion gun control/anti 2A, yet they have armed personal security details that are carrying modern firearms. Are modern firearms more "lethal" than vintage? Answer is that it depends. I was one of the soldiers on horseback in Afghanistan circa 2002. One of the interesting things we observed back then was a lot of Afghan "snipers" preferred the old WWI iron sighted No1Mk3 or WWII No4Mk1 bolt action Lee Enfield .303 rifles. Why? They were "deadlier" than AK47's. The AK's 7.62x39 round was effectively stopped by the SAPI plate in the conventional Army's Interceptor Body Armor, but the 303 British round fired through the iron sighted Enfield rifles were able to penetrate the SAPI plates. So there goes the liberal elite's argument. 100 year old weapons are deadlier than the so called modern "assault rifle". Once our soldiers started being issued upgraded SAPI plates that do stop the 303 round, the Enfield fell out of favor as a sniper rifle.
  9. I live (unfortunately) in the People's Republik of Kalifornia, San Francisco Bay area. Being a blue state, and the bluest part of of the state, crime runs rampant and the liberal District Attorneys won't put any criminal in jail or prison. Because of this, there are no working pay phone boxes left. The liberal cities in the area won't publicly admit to rampant crime, since it's not within the liberal agenda, but privately they know it's a problem and they know the criminals loved using pay phone boxes because they aren't as traceable. So the liberals stopped servicing the pay phone boxes as they wore out, broke or more commonly were vandalized by the "under privileged" (since they won't call them criminals).
  10. Doc, I'm using the same Hornady One Shot aerosol can. I just toss my 308 cases in a Ziploc bag, spray it, shake the bag, give it one more spray and shake, let it sit for few minutes, then start running them through my sizer. I've used it on pistol cases even though I'm running carbide dies. Makes the sizing process purr like a kitten. Or in Shooting Bull's words, gives the press an action job.
  11. I'm a big fan of Hornady One Shot as well. I load big batches (500-1000rds) of 308 Match ammo...on a single stage press and manually weigh each powder charge. That takes a lot of time, so the Hornady One Shot helps me shave some time off the process. I'm running Dillon carbide 308 Winchester dies and with Hornady One Shot, just like Shooting Bull, it feels like my press got an action job.
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