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  1. Presently, I am a member of a chess club. I normally play local participants, but every now and then, I will play somebody in another state or even another country around the world. About three years ago, my family gave me an unusual chessboard ... called... "Square Off". With this board and an internet connection, a person can self-play against a computer-generated player, or a specific player, or internationally with whomever. The board pieces for the "opponent" automatically move during the play subject to the opponent's specification. However, the chess board looks like an ordinary chess board. It's great when you are on-the-road by yourself in a hotel.
  2. You know... I got this friend who is fortunate enough to afford a .223 bolt-action rifle... and also a 5.56 mm AR-type semi-auto rifle. Strange... his 5.56 AR rifle can shoot either cartridge, .223 or the 5.56 mm... but his .223 cannot shoot the 5.56 mm. Just a slight deviation to keep from veering off a political cliff.
  3. Long ago... one musta missed that detour around Steve Irwin.
  4. Lawman is right-on. The guns he mentions do not meet the definition of a "shotgun" by the National Firearms Act of 1934... nor are they considered handguns or pistols. Therefore, the firearms referenced by LM are labeled... non-NFA firearms.
  5. The Mares Leg pistols look cool... but the only ones I have ever seen were the Henry's and the Rossi's at gunshows. BTW... what ever happened to the Rossi Ranchhand? Have not seen one in about four years... and that one was selling for $800+.
  6. I always wondered what happened to ol' Barney.
  7. Don't it just make you mad as all get-out when them stupid birds swoop in... and start stealin' the squirrel food? It does me.
  8. "Just call BR549" From way back... long ago.
  9. Probly be good with some Tabasco Sauce. I'll take four of 'em... and a bottle of Pabst Blue Ribbon.
  10. Looks great... sure fits your username perfectly! KInda reminds me of Buckshot Roberts (Brian Keith) in that movie, Young Guns.
  11. Keep eatin that biscuit & gravy stuff for breakfast and each of your stones will weigh that much.
  12. In one of them movies called Pirates of the Crimean, Jack Sparrow (played by Johnny Drip) did exactly that. I saw him nearly do it.
  13. Don't know about the Rem Tac-14... but my Tac-13 has one of those little straps. For those who don't know what that little strap is mainly for: It is to prevent your hand from getting out in front of the barrel when you pull the trigger with your other hand. If that was to happen, it could turn out to be messy. Also, maybe for those pump guns, it might assist with "racking" the next shell.
  14. One of the reasons why I would like to have purchased a Shockwave is that "racking" sound in the darkness. A noise like that in the dark would have to send chills to the very core of any bad guy who hears it. If I had it to do over, I would probably have gotten the Shockwave instead of the Remington V3 Tac-13. Saved a little money, too... could have bought a laser sight and maybe a nightlight with the difference. Regarding my Remington (or any other of the non-NFA shotguns), some of my friends have asked me if the short shotguns can be legally carried with a weapon's permit (not that I would want to). I did some research on this, and the answer in most states is an emphatic "NO". For some dumb reason, most states do not recognize the non-NFA guns as firearms as described in their "carry laws". Go figger. BTW, I think everybody here would agree on this: Yard-long Johnson looks dang formidable with that shotgun, don't he? I'd hate to mess with him, even without the gun. A generic pic of the Remington V3 Tac-13:
  15. LIke Uncle Bob... I like short shotguns you can shoot inside a phone booth with the door closed. Remington V3 Tac-13... a Non-NFA semi-auto, similar to the shockwave. Two articles with accompanying pictures: 2020 Tactical Gun of the Year: Remington Tac-13 | An Official Journal Of The NRA (americanrifleman.org) Tested: Remington V3 Tac-13 | An Official Journal Of The NRA (americanrifleman.org)
  16. Birdgun, you are a good sport... and you DO have a magnificent backyard.
  17. Poor snake. How long did it take before the snake died?
  18. All of em good, so far. Just need to watch the last two.
  19. Very instructive. I have some Frontier Six Shooters that I reload for... and this will be useful.
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