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  1. Mostly, as I said above, because I much prefer the walnut in a matte finish for look than the Italian wood in the gloss finish. I am a cabinetmaker by trade, so I'm more drawn to the aforementioned aesthetic. In addition to that, I have spent a bit of time in Japan so there is also more of a connection for me there. I'm not even sure what I should be expecting to pay for this gun. I have seen them sold elsewhere for $1200-$1500 but I don't know if this is an accurate assumption but if someone could kindly advise, I would be much obliged.
  2. Looking for a rifle made between 2006-2018. According to Winchester's historian I talked to last week, they were never happy with the metal formulation for the brass parts and that combined with a soft market led them to discontinue it in 2018 though some rifles may have trickled in during 2019- though they do hope to make them again when they can catch up with some of their other stocking and supply chain issues. Not interested in the Uberti as I am a woodworker by trade and prefer the Walnut :-) Open to other calibers if that's all I can find. Just getting started in this whole world and excited to discover SASS!
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