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  1. On 6/3/2024 at 7:31 AM, Captain Bill Burt said:

    Whiskey and his crew put on another great match.  As @Sixgun Seamus said, this is a bucket list match.  Great facilities, great stage writing, great target placement, great door prizes and most of all great people. 


    Posse five was a pleasure to shoot with.

    Well said, this match is must attend.


    AO & MH

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  2. I’ve seen videos of these guys and they are crazy fast and now shoot some warm up stages with them.


    Midwest Hale & I had the pleasure of meeting the Chicken George Clan , great people 


    AO & MH 

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  3. Thanks Captain for doing the Mag 7 , I did not think I was in the running until Cottonmouth Cole told me Thursday! !


    Thanks again for coming up with a fun concept with the matches in the SE Region.


    Great Buckles !


    Thank you Scarlett for donating the shot shell sizer ! 

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  4. On 1/8/2017 at 3:17 PM, Garrison Joe, SASS #60708 said:

    Here's what a serrated front sight looks like in particular. :lol:



    OK, after learning several thousand things about Google Photos :wacko:, I came up with this link for my serrated stainless Vaquero front sights:




    I did that file work in just a few minutes with, I believe, a 40 LPI checkering file from Brownells. About 3 or 4 years ago.


    Good luck, GJ

    works good dab some paint in serration works great and looks good too

  5. Competition Timers all the way, I like the Pocket Pro 2, especially for practice when you want to review splits( pain on a pact)


    Our club used Pact's for years there customer service was lacking at best, (they broke quite a bit )we finally phased them out




  6. As Chance mentioned we had the T&R Ranch they did the W3G matches also WVC the Orlando Club did them for a while, unfortunately folks thought like Blackey Cole mentioned they were afraid to try it because you could move and shoot and figured it would mess them up for SASS matches but it's totally different than SASS,W3G you cannot see all targets unless you move in SASS targets are in front , It was fun and nothing to be worried about



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