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  1. Interesting, David Halls ("cold gun") who is almost as guilty as Baldwin, will only serve six months of probation and the armorer who wasn't present may have a mandatory minimum of five years in jail. I agree with the Special Prosecutor who said that if any of the three "had done their job, Halyna Hutchins would be alive today. It’s that simple.”
  2. My understanding is that unless they reformulate the powder it is (and will be) illegal for "Australian Munitions" to make it in Australia. It isn't just Trail Boss, but several Australian made powders. There was a strong rumor that they were going to license the formula out to another company to make it in the United States in late 2023/24 timeframe. Don't know if this is still progressing.
  3. Whoopin β€˜22 was a blast, literally! Lookin forward to '23.
  4. Is this a Halloween Trick???.? Seriously, congratulations Sedalia Dave!
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