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  1. It has been on the shelves in Texas for about 6 months now.
  2. You don't have a location listed in your portfolio, but I would recommend attending one of the quality "COLLECTOR" shows (not a typical gun show) which is in your area. i.e. Texas Gun Collectors Association (tgca.org), which has two meetings a year.
  3. I know the Estate/Farm Auctioneer near my parents' rural home in Oklahoma. I was excited when he said that the next estate auction had a large number of Winchester rifles (which is common). Disappointed that most went way over GB prices. He said that was very common! It's possible to get some GREAT deals depending on the crowd and economy, but the average auction gun sales far over retail market there!
  4. One thing that helped me was working the unloading table. AFTER each shooter you get to see the guns that they shot with and ask questions about the different guns used, categories, see how the gun fits in your hands, how it loads and unloads, is this LOP good for you, etc. Virtually everyone is happy to show off their guns and explain what they like and don't like about them. Much better than standing around behind the shooters talking to people.
  5. A friend of mine bid on several different lever rifles (some were packages) thinking that he would be outbid on most of them, about a week later he received a 60K bill because he had won most of them. He ended up selling them for quite a bit more than he paid, but it was a momentary - oh s**** - what did I do! I bought a couple from him at a good price.
  6. The "Range Runner Cowboy Classic" does well for me, holds 5 guns but is a little smaller (and cheaper) than the others. Only has two wheels so easy to turn.
  7. Not sure about that one. Anecdotally, I had a friend in college whose dad set up traps and they were able to catch about 60 a night for the first week (just shot them in the trap) and after a month they had pretty much taken care of their problem. Maybe pigs today are smarter than the previous generation, our kids aren't!
  8. In Hawaii, one of the common "manhood" tests is hunting with a pack of dogs (sans electronic collar) to pin a hog so that you can dispatch it with a bowie knife up close and personal. They then cut of the head and take the skull with the sharp tusks (illegal to not take the entire body) back and show it off. Dogs frequently get hurt in the process. Never participated, but frequently saw them with the heads while hiking the mountains in Hawaii.
  9. Apparently, the environmentalists have been talking with the Biden administration and have reached "some sort of secret agreement" on the "disastrous" 4 dams that are in the Washington/Oregon area that are harmful for the Salmon. Seeing that salmon jump up taller waterfalls than the salmon ladders they built to get around the dams I am not sure what the problem is. I am especially confused as to why the "environmentalists" want to remove a renewable form of energy that powers 9% of Washington state and will require the equivalent of 500,000 cars of fossil fuels to replace. Throw in all of the transportation of goods (including 10% of US wheat) that passes through the four dams and the Columbia River and you are talking far more fossil fuels. Confused in America.
  10. When I was in college, I occasionally went and killed hogs for a few bucks (not much but it covered expenses). There was a myriad of places where I could go and shoot pigs and does for free. Now it has become a business, and it costs a ridiculous amount of gold for city folk to hunt hogs, hence far fewer people are doing it which is resulting in the mass explosion of bacon carriers. Wish more ranches would open up the range to responsible hunters for free.
  11. Absolutely not, CZ has done a lot for the firearm business in the US. My point is that it is a shame that we weren't able to do it ourselves! We used to be the international leader in small airplanes, but that entire business was destroyed by litigation. There are lots of examples of industries that we used to dominate and now have to source from other countries. At least CZ still does a lot of the manufacturing in the US, at least for the present! I also am not fond of one company owning to many of the assets instead of each being separately owned, but that ship sailed a long time ago. Not long before Rollerball 1975 becomes reality.
  12. How long before all iconic American brands are foreign owned?
  13. Not even a question, go with the Lee Pro 6000 (Six Pak Pro).
  14. The article even “implies” that the police didn’t even start investigating the incident until three days had passed. No one was killed, so just everyday police backlog of things that should be done if time permits, tells you how bad it is in LA.
  15. Personally, I like the MagPul Daka system. Allows frequent customization, fits a wide variety of hard gun cases, and holds guns in place well. I dislike cutting foam and always feel that I need to change something after it is cut. Replacement foam is ridiculously expensive as well. DAKA Grid Organizer - Magpul DAKA Rifle Case Grid Organizer
  16. Texas Tornado Style - Big Targets which are close and personal. They put an emphasis on how fast you can operate your guns more than accuracy. I like it for 1-2 stages, but don't prefer it for the entire match like some do. One range has an extreme example at one stage which is a large 4'x8' piece of steel real close to the shooter. I don't know if a single posse has managed to go clean, someone always tries to shoot too fast and misses.
  17. I have a friend that built a "safe room" that is about 20' x 50'. All the walls were laid as large concrete blocks that had double rebar threaded throughout and then concrete poured into. Built on top of bedrock and with iron bars above the ceiling. Large metal safe door leads to the master bedroom but is hidden behind an interior wooded door. Also uses it as a safe room for tornados. You could still get in that room, but it wouldn't be easy!
  18. 1911 caliber ownership is probably an age issue as well, the older generation is more likely to have a “classic” 45ACP. Current gun sales show 9mm 1911’s outselling 45ACP’s by a wide margin. SASS shooters prob. should be using 45LC or 44-40 ammo, but the most common cartridge is 38/357 largely due to the cost per round and reduced recoil. The cheaper the cost, the more you can shoot. It also allows reduced recoil and increased controllability for those with weaker hands. The same would apply to 9mm and WB. Some SASS clubs already allow “mild bunch” at monthly matches. Nobody I have talked to really cares about the rifle caliber since it is such a small part of WB. If the rule brings in more shooters great, but it will prob. not make much difference other than a temporary increase of shooters trying it once or twice.
  19. At todays Sunday/Funday monthly match probably half of the participants were shooting CAS-WB as you described. The same CAS stages they shot on Saturday, but today with 1911 mags w/ 5 rounds.
  20. Maybe not, but it just devalued my codized 45ACP rifle. Don’t really care, but I have heard others complaining about their “investments”. Rules that need to be changed IMO to make it more popular. -) Start in condition 1 The only reason there is not a loaded round in the chamber of a 1911 in SASS WB is because historically SA revolvers were unsafe if dropped with a live shell under the hammer. That is not true of the 1911, and as a TO I would feel far safer seeing a 1911 fall than a SA! -) 9mm 1911’s. Most people that already own a 1911 have one or more in 9mm. Some I know love shooting 9’s but hate the 45. Don’t care if you do or do not have a “mild” and “wild”/+p categories. This is prob. more important than decreasing the rifle caliber.
  21. Yep, cowboy stages of 2 x 5 shots, that's why I said YMMV.
  22. They do for the first and sometimes the second magazine, but don't expect to fire 28-35 shots without MAJOR PROBLEMS! Your mileage may vary!
  23. The problem with that, is the people that want that rule changed will most likely not be shooting WB or talking to a WBTG due to not wanting to change how they have trained for years and what they do everyday for their Job or in their personal life. IMO only, it is little difference than a SA, either way you pull/push a piece of metal and pull the trigger whether it be a hammer or a safety. I also believe that starting in condition 1 is safer than a tactical reload which is allowed. It does make sense if you assume the shooters are cowboy action only and are unfamiliar with a 1911. Surprised that you didn’t already require a holster that completely covered the trigger.
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