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  1. She can shoot any caregory she wants on MY Posse.
  2. Pet Peever: I have never understood why a "long-sleeved shirt" was a requirement, BUT you could have it rolled up way past the elbow as frequently seen here. EITHER a short sleeve shirt should be allowed OR the long-sleeved shirt shouldn't look like one.
  3. And I know you were thinking of the garter or two they were in, when you purchased them!
  4. Challenging/Slow, Not P. I like to see 1-2 slower/harder stages like this where you have to think, but I don't want to see all of the stages like this though. ;-)
  5. Probably is a state law in places like Kalifornia, not a federal law.
  6. Bring it tomorrow, I would like to take a look at it.
  7. Just past the anniversary of my first CAS shoot at the same range, AND it was shooting HOSS's Guns! Spent today at the Green Mountain Long Distance Range Practice shooting my guns.
  8. No penalty accessed, just not credited with the "potential" hit. Same as for the rifle or pistol, if they believe you only shot 9 times and there are 10 targets, then it is a miss.
  9. It is common at many locations, ie EndOfTrails as a static makeup target for knockdowns that were not knocked down (but might have been hit by a non-buckeroo).
  10. I've asked that question and was told that the spotters had to be able to tell that both barrels fired and hit, if not it was a miss. Not sure about the benefit of the doubt to the shooter but didn't sound unreasonable to me. I also have had my shotgun double fire before and it has a tendency to knock me back a bit (using factory loads), especially when not expecting it.
  11. https://rx-safety.com/ 4TH OF JULY SALE 25% OFF ENTIRE STORE CODE: HAPPY4TH ENDS: 07/08/2023, AT 11:59 PM ET
  12. My biggest pet peeve is counters that count hits and misses by sound!!!! There are freq. dead spots on the metal targets that don't make the same level of sound and the counters "should" be wearing hearing protection!
  13. Several Cowboys (who play as cops during the week) shoot on the LEO side, and there are a few LEO’s who shoot IDPA so the cops have a slight weapons advantage. Often comes down to who is available to shoot that day. I would be very hesitant to have people start shooting guns that they do not have familiarity with “on the clock” in a mixed gun scenario.
  14. If you don’t define weapons as “LEO Duty Weapons”, it sounds like you should put on a wild bunch (or IDPA) match instead rather than trying to create a complete new set of rules.
  15. Varies quite a bit, but typically -) COPS shoot their "Duty" weapons while cowboys shoot their traditional weapons. -) Cops shoot free. -) Cops shoot at paper targets above the Cowboy targets since it would be problematic for them to shoot lead ammo. -) Cop mags are limited to 5 rounds. -) Cop shotguns (and often cowboy) can be loaded before stage starts (similar to wild bunch) -) All (most) proceeds go to a charity benefiting cops. -) After event the cops will often shoot a stage or two with their "new friends cowboy guns." -) Each cop gives out a "get-out-of-one-speeding-ticket courtesy card," or maybe not. Definitely follow Texas Maverick's advice and contact the Cabs.
  16. That is not legally correct, but good luck trying to argue with a customs agent from any country. A Canadian CAS shooter (ex LEO) that I talk to on a regular basis has to explain the law to the customs agent every time he goes through since so few Canadians try and don't even get started on the legal hurdles for an American that wants to bring their guns into Canada.
  17. Don't watch professional basketball, for a multitude of reasons. Professional sports have a "code of conduct" that allows the commissioner to be judge, jury, and executioner with little to no ability to fight back. You can appeal back to the Commissioner which just made the judgement. The "privilege" of playing for a professional sports franchise (monopoly) of a few rich owners that carefully select who they will let into their little club. I still don't see how they could force Donald Sterling to sell the LA Clippers to Balmer because their was a recording of him saying something stupid in the privacy of his own home. I have a lot of problems with commissioners making judgements when it should be left to the judicial system. This case is no different, but it is a bit more complicated than the comments above. There were videos of him flashing it inside of a bar where it is illegal to possess (again law enforcement issue?), he had been warned by the commissioner's office and continued to do it, and from what I heard this is just a small drop in the problems that this player has. He sounds like another Aaron Hernandez and will likely end up in jail before too long.
  18. I like that one, but with the caveat that the actual order is the shooter's choice. The two outside targets, The two inner targets, The center target, Then Reverse or Repeat per the stage directions.
  19. A few thoughts, of course everybody has their own opinions. 1) A well-run match without too much down time between events. Dead time is one of the biggest turn-offs in my opinion. 2) A well-run match. 3) A well-run match. 4) Personally, I am not a real fan of plaques or framed certificates. Prefer something small or not at all. I disagree with the person that doesn't feel like there should be buckles, because the good shooters already have bigger and better ones from more prestigious events. They may, but they will come or not just based on the size of the event. If you want to attract a larger crowd, there are lots of people that haven't received a buckle and would love to have one to show coworkers, etc. what they do on weekends. The more buckles you give out the more people who will want to come to try and get one. When someone gets one, other people will want to come the next year because they think they are better than some of the people that did get one. Not talking about just participation buckles, but don't be stingy with them either. All that said, the buckles don't have to be big shiny silver buckles, but a cheaper mass-produced stamped ones serve the purpose just fine. 5) Good food truck(s) is just as good as a catered meal. 6) One entry fee which is all-inclusive (with the exception of food-trucks and/or raffles). Do not charge for side events, warm-up, etc. 7) Personally, not a fan of the speed-events. Do we really need 18 different speed shotgun categories? 8) The more events which are not typically done at a monthly match to make it stand out, possibly wild-bunch, long-range, plainsman, etc. 9) I do like retro stage(s) which are silly or just different from what a typical monthly stage is. 10) Parking can be a big issue and turn-off if people have to walk 11) Make sure that the cost is not prohibitive. The Awards can be a mass-produced buckle. I prefer the year, but if you don't put the date on it any extras buckles can be used for the next annual. Depending on the range, you might be able to have the awards at the venue saving a major expense. Rather than catering, food trucks and/or grilling some hamburgers and hotdogs during the award ceremony. In other words, a well run event that offers something different from the typical monthly matches at a reasonable cost that makes them feel good and want to return the next year.
  20. IMHO, There should always be an award to the 1st place category winner, it is not the shooters' fault if no one wants to compete against them after they choose a specific category. Additional places (ie 2-10) should be solely based on how many entrants there are. BUT, if you are trying to increase the participation you need to have bigger and better shooter prizes / awards / raffles even if you lose money the first couple of matches. Once the event gets big and popular, you will have more revenue, people will have more fun, and you can spend less per person on prizes / awards / raffles.
  21. I prefer sharpshooter, and If you are going to set up for Cody Dixon targets you should really offer Sharpshooter as well since they use the same targets. The rules for Cody-Dixon and sharpshooter both originated (I believe) at THSS. https://www.thss.org/rules/sharpshooter-rules/
  22. the correct term which the subjects created themselves is POME, Prisoners of Mother England.
  23. According to a Canadian that shoots CAS, Canadian law does not allow him to sell or transfer his guns (pistols only?) to someone else, not only in Canada but anywhere.
  24. Strangely, it appears as if it is illegal for a Canadian to sell their guns to an American.
  25. Three: Texas, Oklahoma, and Arizonia. But thinking about Wyoming and possibly an international shoot. Only 5 clubs in Texas for me.
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