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  1. I have a Stoeger single trigger and it works very well. I use my SKB as a primary, but don't see much difference between the two. Then again, I am not worried about shaving 0.2 seconds off my time. My SKB lug broke resulting in my holding several pieces of a shotgun at an annual shoot, but that could have happened to any weapon.
  2. Obviously, an authoritative source for "constitutional" law?
  3. He realizes that if the 2nd Amendment can be thrown away by a Governor, so can the 1st for a "health emergency," or did that already occur?
  4. I have shot Hoss's guns as well!
  5. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse for civilians, it should not be for law agencies that get trained in it either! If anything, they should be held to a higher standard!
  6. I always wanted to shoot Cans off of a fencepost at the Cabs. ;-) I will try to be there with bells on.
  7. Need more Representatives like him to remind the federal government that this country was founded as a pyramid with the majority of power belonging to the counties, a modicum at the state level, and very limited given to the federal government.
  8. Cornyn was the principal architect of the "Bipartisan Safer Communities Act" or the Democrat Gun Bill that they couldn't get passed. The week before the bill was voted on, he was viciously jeered by hundreds of Texas Republicans at the party convention in Houston and said he was “not discouraged at all” by the heckling from his home state. Mitch McConnell is almost as guilty sitting back and allowing the vote to occur. "More than any other senator, Cornyn is responsible for shepherding the landmark legislation " "through a chamber that has long been a graveyard for almost any policy outside of approving " "government spending and judicial confirmations." The bill has lots of stupid laws that only affect law-abiding citizens and several "gray" areas that the Biden Administration is claiming it allows. The worst in my opinion is the "federal funding" for states to enact draconian red flag laws which might allow a neighbor to say they are nervous about you having a gun and the guns are confiscated without due process, just a liberal judge's signature. Biden is also using the bill to try and -) Stop all funding of Archery and Hunting in schools. -) Remove guns from any senior receiving Medicare. -) Universal gun background checks for all sales to a non-relative. Hopefully some of these will be shot down in the courts, but the openly expressed plan of the anti-gunners is to create so many laws that pro-2nd Amendment rights people have to defend that their budgets are exhausted. It also was the turning point for Biden or he wouldn't be able to a viable candidate today. His approval rating was horrible, and this "win" was (IMO) the primary reason that he was then able to get the Inflation Reduction Act (which was just the Green Spending Bill with a different name) and then other bills because of the political clout/momentum he had gained. McConnell thought that by sacrificing 2nd Amendment rights he was killing the IRA bill but he was outmaneuvered politically.
  9. Senator John Cornyn recently sent me an email about how strongly he supports my 2nd amendment rights. I replied that I will be voting for ABC (Anybody but Cornyn, even Beto) at the next election. He is an embarrassment for Texas!
  10. I commented after the BCSA was passed by "my" senator, that I would vote for anyone, even Beto over the traitor Cornyn!!! Beto at least admits that he plans on screwing his constituents! ======================================================================================================== Biden’s Escalating War on Hunters: Blocking Funds for School Safety Programs Joe Biden is once again escalating his war on hunters, this time by withholding routine funds provided to our children’s schools that are used for hunter education, firearms safety classes, shooting teams, and even archery programs. This key federal funding has been historically earmarked for schools with hunting, shooting, and archery programs under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) of 1965. With this move, popular programs frequently offered in schools across rural, and sometimes even suburban America, may be coming to an end. The justification for this action comes from a sinister interpretation of the so-called Bipartisan Safer Communities Act (BSCA), which Congress passed last summer. While heralded as part of Biden’s promise of stricter gun control in the wake of a school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, Gun Owners of America led the opposition effort, warning that this hastily crafted legislation would not only infringe on Constitutional rights but would also yield other serious unintended consequences. Just as GOA had predicted, the antigun Biden administration has taken the BSCA to its furthest interpretation and is going after the next generation of hunters, recreational shooters, and even archers. Architects of the BSCA, like Senators John Cornyn (R-Texas) and Thom Tillis (R-North Carolina), have written to Education Secretary Miguel Cardona advising him that his agency is misinterpreting the law. Amazingly, their own negligence in crafting this language, like so many provisions in this so-called "compromise" bill, has resulted in our children being the first in several generations to not have access to these popular programs. Over the last 58 years, hunter education programs in schools have taught millions of American children about hunter safety, ethical hunting practices, wildlife management and history, safe firearms practices, and archery. While in some communities these programs are administered by private entities and local community partnerships outside our schools, even many of those programs depend on schools to recruit participants. Furthermore, large numbers of American children only have access to these programs directly and entirely through school. Often viewed as part of physical education and sometimes implemented as after-school activities, these programs have proven to be wholesome and popular, while also providing alternative opportunities to build self-esteem. Many children who cannot compete in more traditional sports, like football or basketball, can excel in other forms of competition, such as shooting sports and archery. Just look at the long tradition of American hunting and shooting excellence in both college and Olympic competition. Plus, the exponential growth in popularity of these sports has not gone unnoticed. Today, clay pigeon shooting is the fastest growing individual sport in American schools, and school archery programs boast 1.3 million members nationwide. Before you think of this as an attempt to reduce government spending, rest assured that the Biden Administration is not cutting these programs for that reason. It’s likely they actually cannot avoid spending the school funds in some way. Rather, instead of directing these funds towards traditional hunting and shooting programs, they’ll instead go towards other “less traditional” activities, such as more of the questionable curricula that have yielded understandable backlash from parents in school board meetings over the last several years. It is past time for America’s hunters and recreational shooters to wake up and realize our very way of life is under attack by this president. The writing is on the wall, and it is clear that the Biden Administration’s ultimate goal is to reduce participation in hunting and shooting sports, both by halting the use of cheap traditional ammo on public lands and by cutting education funding for our own local schools.
  11. That said, giving cold hard cash to a seller still does not mean a sale. At this year's EOT I gave a seller (an EOT Board Member) cash for a gun that we had previously made an agreement over SASSwire. The next day he gave me the money back saying that he had changed his mind about selling it and would not ship it to my FFL. After counting the money back in my van, I realized he had SHORTCHANGED me. I approached him and he originally denied it but later admitted that he had "accidently" bought something with the money I had given him and had forgotten it. So, all "sorta" worked out in the end, but it is the first time I have ever given cash for a product, and they changed their mind the next day!!!
  12. Yes, but that goes both ways and if the buyer believes as you do there will never be a transaction. That said, neither side should do it unless they either are or have been verified by a person with a good reputation. I agree that is the best for the seller, but the reason that SOB's get away with scamming is because of this thinking. If the buyer does not get a tracking number while their check / money order is in the mail, they have a chance to cancel it.
  13. I've always been a little annoyed that people want to wait for a check to clear before they send a firearm. If the check doesn't clear, I have committed a felony. If they send a gun and they money never arrives (or doesn't clear) they can easily call the FFL and ask them not to proceed with the transaction until it is resolved. I much prefer meeting in person if it is at all possible. They will also have very good state/federal documentation information on who I am which can be turned over to the police. The police also are very motivated for a "stolen gun." I never really know who they are, just a good chance that their name is a close proximity (or they are committing ID fraud) of what they originally told me. The police are much less inclined to follow through on a "you sent him a check without knowing him?" If I should trust them enough to send them cash/money order/check they should trust me enough to send a gun. Otherwise, neither should trust the other.
  14. “Senator Cornyn’s gun control [has] turned out to be worse than we feared,” said Aidan Johnston, federal affairs director at GOA. Not sure that Aidan should be the FAD at GOA, this was obvious as plain day before they voted on it. It is also the reason that I will never vote for (R) Cornyn! I would even vote for Beto over him, because at least he is honest about wanting to screw me to the door and take all of my money and giving it to "undocumented aliens" while taking Cocaine.
  15. I would file a report with your local police who "should" follow through with their counterparts in the other jurisdiction. Ask for a follow up and contact information for the party that will be looking into the situation at the other end. Squeaky wheel is more likely to gain attention, but it all comes down to the police department and DA at the other end. If you sent it to a home address, you can talk to the Hell's Angels and have them go and knock on the door for a fee and ... Allways send money via the postal system. Some legitimate sellers complain, but if they don't follow through it is a federal crime which the Post Office takes very seriously. I have only had one seller that refused to take something via the USPS and I have no idea if he was a "valid seller." NEVER use Paypal, they are EXTREMELY ANTI-GUN. You might be able to get PayPal to confiscate the money from him since it violated their policies, but it won't be returned to you. ======================================================================================================================= https://www.paypal.com/us/legalhub/acceptableuse-full Prohibited Activities You may not use the PayPal service for activities that: ... relate to transactions involving ... (j) ammunition, firearms, or certain firearm parts or accessories, or ...
  16. She can shoot any caregory she wants on MY Posse.
  17. Pet Peever: I have never understood why a "long-sleeved shirt" was a requirement, BUT you could have it rolled up way past the elbow as frequently seen here. EITHER a short sleeve shirt should be allowed OR the long-sleeved shirt shouldn't look like one.
  18. And I know you were thinking of the garter or two they were in, when you purchased them!
  19. Challenging/Slow, Not P. I like to see 1-2 slower/harder stages like this where you have to think, but I don't want to see all of the stages like this though. ;-)
  20. Probably is a state law in places like Kalifornia, not a federal law.
  21. Bring it tomorrow, I would like to take a look at it.
  22. Just past the anniversary of my first CAS shoot at the same range, AND it was shooting HOSS's Guns! Spent today at the Green Mountain Long Distance Range Practice shooting my guns.
  23. No penalty accessed, just not credited with the "potential" hit. Same as for the rifle or pistol, if they believe you only shot 9 times and there are 10 targets, then it is a miss.
  24. It is common at many locations, ie EndOfTrails as a static makeup target for knockdowns that were not knocked down (but might have been hit by a non-buckeroo).
  25. I've asked that question and was told that the spotters had to be able to tell that both barrels fired and hit, if not it was a miss. Not sure about the benefit of the doubt to the shooter but didn't sound unreasonable to me. I also have had my shotgun double fire before and it has a tendency to knock me back a bit (using factory loads), especially when not expecting it.
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