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  1. On 4/30/2024 at 5:15 PM, Rip Snorter said:

    Through a data base they have "somehow" acquired which they are not supposed to have?


    The ATF has met the "letter of the law" by having a database without names, but all additional information (primarily the address), for each gun that is sold and/or repaired by an FFL holder. Not too hard to find out which guns "Joe Blow" may own (or have access to) by typing his address into the database!!!!! Since most states require you to have your current physical address on your driver's license to buy a gun (or face a felony unless your name is Hunter) it is pretty comprehensive.



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  2. The Biden Administration sought to block government funding for school shooting courses, such as hunting and archery, but the House voted against it this week by a landslide.


    The Protecting Hunting Heritage and Education Act was passed in a 424-1 vote after it was discovered this summer that the Department of Education was restricting the funding for hunting and archery teaching in schools.




    More Than 200 Democrats Join Republicans To Deliver Crushing Blow To Biden (msn.com)

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  3. I was working with some Brits in Hawaii and took one of them to a tourist shop where he asked the female store owner if she had any smelly rubbers he could give his daughter. You should have seen the look on her face as she was literally getting ready to call the police! I quickly walked over and told her that he was British and didn't know proper English, an eraser is called a rubber over there. Apparently "Scratch and Sniff" erasers were very popular in England at that time.

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  4. 3 hours ago, Abilene, SASS # 27489 said:

    Sorry, copper plated steel and too much ricochet.  We'd have to settle for pellet guns. :)


    Prefer Paint Guns!

  5.     "Finland plans to open new shooting ranges due to a surge in interest following Russia's invasion of Ukraine."

        "The Finnish government aims to increase the number of civilian shooting ranges from 670 to about 1,000 by 2030."


        "People shouldn't have to travel far just to practice shooting, Jukka Kopra, a National Coalition party MP and the chair of Finland's defense committee, told Yle. It should be as easy to practice shooting as it is for football or ice hockey, he added."


    Finland, which shares a border with Russia, plans to build 300 new shooting ranges as interest in national defense surge (msn.com)

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  6. On February 28, the Supreme Court will hear a case that could legalize bump-stocks.


    Not a big fan of bump-stocks, but I am a big fan of limiting the power of federal agencies to interpret laws however they want, regardless of what Congress intended when they passed a law. And furious that ATF issued a statement saying that bump-stocks were legal for several years and then they banned them (requiring them to be destroyed or turned in) without grandfathering in the existing ones that people bought!!! They bankrupted companies that had large amounts of inventory that had to be destroyed without compensation.

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  7. 6 hours ago, sassnetguy50 said:

    @Itchy Trigger did they say what bullets the prison guard was shooting?


    No, I am good friends with the Captain from the OTHER prison shift and he was very mum about anything to do with the topic. I got far more information from people that worked at the Hospital in casual conversation. The Texas Rangers investigated, and he was indicted over a year ago. I haven't heard about it going to trial yet, curious to know the facts of the case. "Apparently", the shackled inmate (with many arrests) scuffled with the officer and then was shot in the back six times while trying to escape from the Hospital. Three of those shots "endangered" others at the hospital, 2 by hitting walls close to someone, 1 by hitting a wall next to an oxygen line. He is not being charged with shooting the prisoner, but endangerment to bystanders. He is being personally sued by the prisoner's family though. 


    The Police SWAT snipers here uses commercial FMJ. I was surprised a sniper didn't want to handload for greater accuracy, but he said that there was a little lawyer that rode on top of each bullet!

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  8. A prison guard at a hospital near me was recently charged for negligent discharge of firearm, despite all 6 of his shots hitting the prisoner. The problem was that 3 went through the prisoner and continued through the wall! While it didn't injure anyone, it easily could have. That was far better than shooting your own car wildly with a handcuffed prisoner in the back!!!


    I am Pro Cop, but why the h*** isn't he being charged? Partner probably should have been as well!


    "A Florida deputy absolutely LOST IT after he heard an acorn hit his police car. He screams that shots have been fired and even claims that he was shot as he drops to the ground and opens fire on his own vehicle…..which had a cuffed man in the back."



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  9. It has been reported by senators that there is a database of guns and owners that far exceeds the number of FFL transfers that have even occurred. My best guess is that they are getting the information from every single "repair" where all FFL data is required if the gunsmith keeps the gun overnight!


    I can't find the article with Ted Cruz bashing/leaking information about it, but here is a blip from GOA




    "In November of 2021, an internal ATF memo leaked by Gun Owners of America revealed that ATF had processed and digitized over 50,000,000 ‘out of business’ records of gun dealers in FY 2021," the report reads.  "This report was picked up by major pundits and news outlets, including Fox News’ Tucker Carlson and the Blaze."


    GOA wrote in their report that the "ATF has reached a point where it has converted nearly one billion records (required to be kept by FFLs) into a single, centralized, and searchable national gun registry, that is routinely searched by multiple data fields (except, reportedly, by gun owner name)."


    "While ATF and others maintain this does not constitute a gun registry, and that all relevant statutes and restrictions are being adhered to, the information referenced in this section, revealed in a FOIA response by ATF to Gun Owners of America, proves otherwise," the report continues, pointing out that the "ATF maintains only that registry records in their final file format are not searchable by name."

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  10. The NFL proudly stated that they would include the BLACK National Anthem at this Super Bowl, shortly after the last one due to a vocal minority claiming it was a travesty it wasn’t included then. That was the first I heard about it. 

    We should include a national anthem for every minority which would take four hours and have no need for the game.

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  11. My velodog has a fold up trigger to make it easier for the bicyclist it was designed for. But mine is in .25ACP. Really neat pistol, but not something I would ever use, A knife might be a more effective weapon, close or far.

  12. 3 hours ago, Blackwater 53393 said:

    When we elect candidates that are loyal to the Constitution and are adamant about upholding it, we then can get people appointed to those positions that are willing to stand up and prosecute those who are determined to illegally deprive us of those Constitutionally guaranteed rights!!


    The REAL Constitution. I recently had a police officer saying that the Constitution allows you to have guns, just not too many. I brought up the 2nd amendment and he referred to that as the old interpretations, not the "modern" ones!!!

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  13. 10 hours ago, Sgt. C.J. Sabre, SASS #46770 said:

    Early reports had crew members saying that they were out plinking with that gun earlier that day. I don't remember if they said where the ammo came from. 


    That has been soundly refuted as being a made-up story, but no one really knows where the truth is at this point, other than "Alex Baldwin never pulled the trigger".

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  14. Glad I am not an Arizonia Taxpayer that has to pay MILLIONS in lawyer fees to get a MAXIMUM of 18 months jail time. Probably allowing a large number of other criminals to either not be charged or plea-bargained down to nothing due to lack of funds.


    Personally, I don't feel he should go to jail for the ND. Should he have done the most basic of checks, YES. And his videoed bio saying he is an actor that is competent with all manner of guns is going to bury him. But he is an actor without a brain, that is not their job.


    He should go to jail for involuntary manslaughter after hiring an inexperienced armorer, giving her additional prop. duties that other armorers offered the job refused to do, and not allowing her to be on set when an ARM was being used. What is the point of hiring an ARMORER if they are not on set when an ARM is being used???


    Assistant Director David Halls is guilty as sin for saying "Cold Gun" without checking it and is lucky to plea-bargain down to 6 months.


    How is the armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed guilty when she was "not allowed on the set" due to Covid that day?

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  15. This is a VERY IMPORTANT case because the administrative branch has been expanding its power almost exponentially to the point that if Congress doesn't pass a law preventing something the administrative branch just does it. The Chevron case is often used as a basis. It does not only affect the ATF, but all bureaucratic agencies that expand their power every year with regulations that Congress has not directly authorized or prevented.


    The Obama/Biden agency keeps threatening to use the EPA to start regulating ALL drainage issues, whether it be a ditch at your house or a pond for your cattle based on the "Navigable Waters Protection Rule". I don't think a culvert running down the street is a "navigable water" but it may soon require a permit to change the slope of it.


    The administrative branch doesn't even seem to be limited by the purse string anymore, just give us more money we ran out.


    Even the list of personal assistants to the presidential office has skyrocketed.

    Lady Bird Johnson had a single part time assistant, Hillary Clinton had 19, Michelle Obama had 18 ($1.5 Million) and Melanie Trump had 4 (Half a Million).

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  16. "In the short term, we ask your Office to investigate the contracting and manufacturing practices that led to so many billions of military-grade rounds being sold into our communities, ..."


    So, in other words, an infinitesimal amount of the ammo was used for criminal purposes????

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