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  1. Now that's pretty awesome.
  2. To be fair, he did hit everyone once. Haha!
  3. I got my welcome email after lurking as a guest for a while. I am now to be known as: Il Duce Now, if you're a history buff you'll know that as a title Mussolini took on himself meaning The Leader or The Duke. But, I actually pulled it from one of my favorite movies, Boondock Saints. The FBI Agent in the movie confused Il Duce for 6 shooters in the big shootout scene not believing it could have been one guy. Hopefully I'll be fast enough that people won't believe I was the only one shooting either. Haha. Now to try and remember 112125. Would have been so much easier if it was 125125 or 125521.
  4. Who here remembers when you could make a payphone ring back until someone picked it up and stood back and watched how many people you could trick with it?
  5. Kids will never know what these are anymore...
  6. Stoeger really dropped the ball with their low supply. I did a lot of research and wanted one, but they're just not keeping up. That said I did get a Navy Arms from a user on the forums. Will you guys be able to work on them?
  7. King Joffrey - Game of Thrones The writers did a phenomenal job painting him as the biggest turd that absolutely needed to die.
  8. This might help you out... https://youtu.be/uWYs4Iam0bo
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