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  1. It’s the trigger and striker combo. Right around 3.5-4lbs. Got it more for the clean crisp break than the pull reduction.
  2. CZ P-10c with a overwatch precision flat face trigger installed. Original trigger included. 2x 15 rd mags, cz plastic box, 2 extra grip inserts. Also includes a RMR plate for trijicons and holosun red dots. The same size as a glock 19, takes the same holsters most of the time. Less than 100 rds down the pipe, I realized I’m a better shot with all metal double/single actions. $500 shipped to your FFL. Zelle or PayPal. Your FFL must accept shipment from private individuals.
  3. I did! Thought I had closed this out.
  4. My 8 year old is getting the bug. He has a .22 wheel gun and I’d like to get him started on a lever gun. Nothing fancy.
  5. Goals. I’ll get there some day
  6. Looks like the extractor includes the pin, so definitely going to replace it. Glad I could win the award for most bent extractor
  7. I live in Washington. It’s going down fast. I won’t even go to Seattle anymore. Taxes are through the roof, there aren’t any fish left, more and more ridiculous gun laws, crime skyrocketing, and housing prices completely ridiculous. It used to be so nice here, but I’m starting to get that urge to ditch the sinking ship.
  8. So I recently acquired a Uberti 1873 lever gun in 357. Barely Used in great shape. Love it. Anyway, today I did my usual “Ralphie from Christmas story” shoot imaginary bad guys in my bed room and noticed something wrong. The bolt was hanging up on the way back. The extractor gets hung up on the little dust cover doodad that the screw goes into. You have to physically push the extractor down for it to cycle all the way back. I’ve been cycling it like crazy for a week but haven’t shot it yet. Figured instead of dry firing, I’d just run snap caps. It doesn’t like snap caps. Won’t feed very well. I have a few dummy rounds that cycle like butter. Did the snap caps bend the extractor you think? I’ve got 2 new ones coming in the mail from Long Hunter. Any ideas from the lousy pics? I can put together an AR15 in my sleep but I’m new to the 73s. The brass elevator is out of the gun in the pics btw. Cheers!
  9. Mines diminishing too. But I have way to many bullets and not enough primers to load them all
  10. Henry Repeating arms Co Big Boy Model H006M 357/38 10rd 20” octagonal barrel. Very low rd count. Nice gun with a few dings on the stock. I bought a 1873, so it has been collecting dust in the safe. Would maybe consider a trade for 1897 shotgun. Asking 850$ with free shipping to your FFL
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