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  1. I hate when you die twice really messes up the Headstone
  2. What will the backside of this will you get ??
  3. I said Iraq Sir, not to offend My point is merely many dont know that cost first hand . I served so many sons / daughters may not have too. I realize many dont have the issue of being in a Unit that lost 240 in a day and picked Bodies up for days I wish that on no one . And trust me I have zero issue in putting down a bad guy . but to pump billons into a war again above the needs of your own Military thats been at war in 2 countries for 20 years our equipment is well overused without even trying a peaceful solution is not the way to go , and in this case its not even being tried . what are we truly defending ? The 5 Billion The US put in to overthrowing the old government and installing a new one . We have been down this road before and well the only ones winning are the politicians getting rich. While I appreciate the Aussie's for backing us maybe they should not do so blindly , if that makes sense .
  4. Supply and demand sir , You give away resources for the "greater good" and then blame "Supply chain issues "as reason to further restrict production of other products and of course the Mil contract has a better profit ratio , a backwards way to restrict supply of ammo to Joe Blow . And I am sorry it never ceases to amaze me how many are for war when then they dont spill the blood in it .
  5. Exactly , back a proxy war you get what you ask for sit back and enjoy the fruits of your hard work Lets not even try to talk peace as long as other parents kids die not our problem . And while I spent 3 years In Afghanistan and 5 in Iraq I dont figure the 500 total Aussie Forces in Iraq where much more than "Behind" us and well Australia lost what 4-5 in the 20 years .
  6. LOL , I just will leave this alone , you get what you ask for .
  7. Thats the ones they should send , I find it funny The US response for peace is to send more weapons . Not really peace this administration wants its control and they dont care who suffers and dies there until then it helps their retirement fund . The SECDEF Owned 1.7 mill in Raytheon sat on the board now tell me how the "General ' got there ?
  8. Some wild game is just trophy hunting
  9. just depends on your definition of wild game , Israeli fighter planes just took out a refinery and ammo factory in Iran :)
  10. Our Glorious Air Force has lost / dropped 6 Nukes IN 2007 They loaded Live Nukes in Minot and went to Barksdale they were unsecured for 36 hours and no one missed them .
  11. I would like I would prefer one with the bore the size of a quarter .955 so a little bigger than a 20MM
  12. Well the buttstock piece I highly doubt for the curve one drop it would be off the Grip sure why not I know I saw some full handguards and full stock a while back for a rifle but not a carbine
  13. They misspelled Mexicans , and the Californians have ruined that part
  14. THE only time I go with anything Climate change is for PETA and tell them I am helping save the planet by eating Beef , the whole Climate change WEF BS line is just a way to make us the elites modern day slaves .
  15. And Obama sent 5 billion to overthrown Ukraine Gov. and Install Hunters coke buddy Zelensky https://thehill.com/opinion/campaign/435906-us-embassy-pressed-ukraine-to-drop-probe-of-george-soros-group-during-2016/
  16. Alec Baldwin has killed more than my AR15 so I will keep them period
  17. Ukraine too be on the same side as a real Nazi George Soros and the WEF https://money.cnn.com/2015/03/30/investing/ukraine-soros-billion-russia/index.html As far as I'm concerned they can Make the Biden retirement fund the New Chernobyl wouldn't Care on bit . If not get ready to reinstate the draft and send your kids and grandkids with the US tax payers blessing except the only gear we have is worn out from the last 20 years of 2 wars and we already sent more than half of our arms stockpile
  18. At 9 mil a piece thanks US Tax payer while you lower ours even more Great job . SECNAV already states we are severely low in our supply of arms wreaking America one step at a time Good news is reports that Ukraine Army is kidnapping males to come fight . I say all those that support Hunters coke buddy here we send to help also. Another fun fact, for you all those weapons, the new equipment that we left in Afghanistan Taliban is selling it them to Russia .
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