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  1. Just our Governor riding with the flag at a small town (big money ) July 4th rodeo
  2. Sorry my biblical rock isn’t working today ( for those that don’t know the Mormon religion was based from “reading on a rock” that he found )
  3. I at one time I warned people anymore I sit back a watch . I was going to Cody nite series rodeo and came i through Yellowstone. Some lady out there in flip flops and a yapping dog getting between momma and calf . I laughed told her husband I ride bulls pro and I wouldn’t be where she is . We get a couple a year here in Custer state park there is plenty of warning let the Buffalo have fun . As for the people you are warned this ain’t the city you come from and never come close to a single Bull they are ones that the herd don’t want because they are to mean
  4. Well New Mexico raised is coming into play today extra Smokey refried beens , homemade salsa with Hatch green Chile , garlic and cilantro . Put South Dakota shaved beef with onions on the cold smoker with hatch green Chile and Chimayo red Chile for fajitas . Will update with finish product
  5. For me it’s the dark lighting on scenes started it about 4 times still haven’t watched it
  6. Prescott only claims to be the oldest continuous rodeo North Platte stopped a few years
  7. Yep rode there several times , then Window Rock , Greeley ect . We enter 6-7 and take the best draws and logistics .
  8. LoL are you trying to get be shot at ? Way too Marine for that , 8 years in combat I go hand in hand to some dark places with my demons , and I can’t dance more than a 2step that always pissed the wife off miss you dear . Happy 4th gentlemen
  9. Or 4th of July to you none rodeoers (ps how come we don’t have a smiley with a cowboy hat ?) from the Black hills Round up and a few of my old ones (red chaps by wild man Larry Sandvick of Kaycee Wyo ) and start of dinner tonight with ranch raised South Dakota beef
  10. There were many of them , I would be more curious on the where abouts of all the Gold bars we found , saw many gold plated AK's and pistols it was a gift he used
  11. LOL no where the same , try sashimi grade Tuna just me this orange crap you see isnt it It should be very dark red and raw if possible Not that fishy cat food in a can
  12. I use the Puck , monitors humidity, vibration, and a open door sensor so even for a gun room https://www.lockdown.com/smart-puck/the-puck/1099416.html
  13. Personally I would never do it or condone it but , if liberals want to abort themselves into extinction let them . One less EBT card I have to pay for
  14. With a confirmed shot at 1420 meters dont worry about it why would you throw off the bullets flying trajectory on purpose . Now polish them smooth maybe
  15. And it’s literally a hose shoe heck for the price shoot it there ,add to the costumes disclaimer ***remove from head before shooting it ***
  16. Just got notice of this sale for anyone looking for a inexpensive hat might be interested https://www.rods.com/email-promotion-3?___store=default&OS=3&HighwayHats=&utm_source=Buyers-All time&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=62122_HighwayHats&_kx=ZRjdVm2-f_xOH250Os1aADPW6dm6LyEhEfddy4hrQ1I%3D.RD5zjZ
  17. Too many other Companies making 5.56 and well .223 works too , I suspect its in a attempt to slow the AP M855 green tips but we all know the LEOs /feds use soft plates that wont sustain the hits from M855 rounds .like my ESAPI will . So that would be the most targeted round as Winchester is the biggest maker of that round . Funny that Duck duck go search yields zero results if you search 5.56 ammo .
  18. Also the best and fastest kill on wasps and nests
  19. High School , 72 Duster , 440 Tunnel Ram radio blasting , unless someone wants to play then radio off . Today 2009 Challenger Blown , Nitrous . They dont give these to just anyone
  20. I will back this one , lived in Hawaii so they had marinated chicken. Mine is a little different than this but adds liquid smoke. Little trick if you have a vacuum sealer is to put chicken and marinade in one and vacuum seal it if forces marinade deeper into meat .
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