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  1. Heres the Deal the mere fact that you even suggest that anything is banned puts you on their side . I dont tell anyone that they cant have what they want , and no i dont have one of the mentioned ones If I want one I should not have some one tell me I cant
  2. Welcome to the club 4 months last year
  3. We were in Korengal Valley Afghanistan Getting ready to go out for a 3 day mission . Had a reporter that wanted to tag along ,he had all approvals but squad had to approve him to embed . He asked multiple times My answer always the same " Not a chance buttercup , We dont need you or want you " or something to that affect I may have cleaned it up just a touch .
  4. Recoiless rifle Nuke That could be mounted on a Jeep
  5. Good luck with sale just picked up a 750 here love it a nice upgrade that works nice with caliber changes too
  6. https://oregontrailbullets.com/xcart/images/filemanager/uploads/otbc-load-manual.pdf
  7. Bought some local for 9.99 but dont shoot them much let the kids use them
  8. Fun fact , During the High point of the Covid hysteria , Sturgis Rally 2020 had 462,000 bikers attend the number of Covid case linked to that less than 100. And we all know that media would have loved to Blast it if it would have been more
  9. Okay but you still paid or a warranty that was already in place
  10. Well cool , sleep in field, graze on your own , and won’t be needing the phone
  11. As someone that worked in Dealerships for years , Your first mistake was Purchasing a extended warranty on the showroom new Truck with a bumper to bumper warranty . They dont call it the Back end in a dealer for nothing Say you buy said truck 60k at 2.8 % interest (they got you bought at 2.5 but make another.3 for dealer) You truck has say a 3 year 36 mile warranty B To B and a 5-60 powertrain (engine trans rearend ect) you buy a Ext Wty for 5 years and 80k miles for 3500 bucks financed at that 2.8 % You just paid 3500 plus interest for 20 k miles if warranty Always wait until wty expires to purchase
  12. So where did you go to bed , for sure not full daylight at 11pm in the lover 49
  13. Here we make the into fertilizer for the fields
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