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  1. 30 minutes Sir is suppose the be the over time to turn on again ,
  2. Incorrect Sir that is the current view , If you watch the end of the video Dave posted it explains that it was decommed on 1994 and filled in and is now a Honey bee farm . Of course not that I would know but just east of said location is a Cox Family Farm here are Coords for L-02 2.9 mi E of Vale SD, 44°36′53″N 103°20′41″W and Lima 1 L-01 (MAF) 6.2 mi SxSE of Vale SD; 30.6 mi NxNW of Ellsworth AFB 44°32′29″N 103°20′42″W Lima 1 as you can see is 6.2 miles and still has silo as they were sold off . Little farther down the road is a Ranch that has been ranching since 1800's before We were even a state, helped work it some during High School (I just might know the area well ) Shall I get into Igloo? Of course heck My FIL only did the Cable wiring for them and had a Uncle that helped build them . Under one the dug up a dinosaur and well told dont matter National Security keep building. Around 1996 the "base housing " that was placed in small sections outside of base to allow crews to be closer to sites was sold off to civilians for housing
  3. So , you mean piss off Hillary or have something on her ?:)
  4. I am Not qualified for that Job I am not PC , I just the f bomb like a comma , and I have morals But would repeal the NFA
  5. DeSantis was opposed to McCarthy being speaker in the first place so he would probably buy him dinner .
  6. Ditto because what I have to say will greatly offend some here because it doesnt follow the approved agenda
  7. 3 OCT 1993 RIP , Master Sgt. Gary Ivan Gordon Sgt. 1st Class Randy Shughart Staff Sgt. Daniel Darrell Busch Sgt. 1st Class Earl Robert Fillmore, Jr. Master Sgt. Timothy Lynn Martin Sgt. 1st Class Matthew Loren Rierson Cpl. James “Jamie” E. Smith Spc. James M. Cavaco Sgt. James Casey Joyce Cpl. Richard “Alphabet” W. Kowalewski, Jr. Sgt. Dominick M. Pilla Sgt. Lorenzo M. Ruiz Staff Sgt. William “Wild Bill” David Cleveland, Jr. Staff Sgt. Thomas “Tommie” J. Field Chief Warrant Officer 4 Raymond “Ironman” Alex Frank Chief Warrant Officer 3 Clifton “Elvis” P. Wolcott Chief Warrant Officer 3 Donovan “Bull” Lee Briley Sgt. Cornell Lemont Houston, Sr. Pfc. James Henry Martin, Jr.
  8. It was funny seeing Army respond to CPO's a "Chief " in Army is used for Warrant Officers , so In Iraq Navy CPO aka Chief was in charge of our Blue force trackers updating, maintain ect. Many would walk in and treat him like a Officer, me " What the ^*$% chief " I need this crap tomorrow . The looks I got talking to him was funny from like Army e4's as Far as Lobotomy at times I feel anyone that joined at that done at MEPS
  9. Missed this but , Yes Gasgacinch , HighTack , or spray adhesive on one side to hold gasket in place all I ever do , rare occasion if mating surface is pitted I will use a bit of RTV sealer .
  10. I heard that the testicle enlargement process wasnt cheap
  11. Ohh But its fun making those SEALs bounce balls around on their noses
  12. Ahh yes the worlds most expensive taxi service for the Mens dept of the Navy . The Corpsmen are on the one exception especially the one shown with the Raider Patch
  13. As a Marine I understood that but you missed a &@$!
  14. I would have to second them on grips I bought a pair for my Thunderer "aged Ivory " Fit was actually very decent on this model
  15. How long ago was that I was there 09-12 Never saw that gate have a guard , . Fun Marine fact of the day is they had the standard red sign with gold letters on Chesty Pullers house at Pearl Harbor . I always hated the fact that on a "military only " road from Vilseck Germany to Graf they had full guarded gates on both Vilseck and Graf sides with training area in between ??
  16. They havent done decals for years on many bases . the cost involved with issuing them tracking ect . Also was part of the reasoning that off Post they could be targeted . That Being said a Marine would Not be on a gate at Pearl Harbor and its Joint base Hickam(USAF) and Pearl (USN) so they have Navy/ Air Force gate guards . The Marine Corps base Kaneohe Bay is the other side of island . But No salute is a Mister
  17. If you havent seen it Clint Eastwood did this along with Flag of our Fathers Awesome trip to make went with a couple of Marines I knew . 2 Fought at Iwo A few might have heard of the Marine seated with Hat that I went with PFC Jack Lucas MOH The other Marine I went with Cpl Gene Gustad. and a code talker This Guy tagged along too.
  18. One issue I don't have is mistaking the .300BO for a .458 SOCOM (when you don't care if offending party sees another sunrise ) .300BO vs .458 SOCOM
  19. When I have others shooting with me I use color coded Magazine bands on mags and rifle to separate the .300 from 5.56 . This is a pretty interesting read.. https://www.luckygunner.com/labs/5-56-vs-223/
  20. Well since a majority of Americans came from Europe that's being Captain Obvious , don't make me give a crap about an obvious statement .
  21. You could not know how little I care about European Countries Most of them could become New Chernobyl for all I care .
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