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  1. I am waiting for our Local mountain Lion to snack on the yapping ankle biter the blue state transplants leave out all day .
  2. LIke most said and they dont have in stock trail boss which as we know there is none . and most scam websites will have everything
  3. That worked out well and Thieves know this If I cant bring them in there are other hotels
  4. Ahh, but if plastic is made with oil. And oil is made from dead dinosaurs Does that mean the little plastic Dinosaurs are really dinosaurs ?
  5. I have a 60 pound Pekingese (AKA English Bulldog ) she dont get excited she might stop snoring long enough to see who it is .
  6. Here lies my issue with the "Law of War" Why do we abide when the enemy does not? Iraq we eliminated a vehicle threat that had a baby gutted and stuffed with explosives that was aimed at a checkpoint . I have zero feelings for someone like that so I dont care what ammo you use. And never take a Inbed reporter in a combat zone thats just asking for issues.
  7. Had to think on that one but good ole southern rock came in Flirtin' with Disaster
  8. You know This is where I have some issue with some Big bad A guys . Me I would tell you bring it lets go. I dislike the current Gucci gear "influencers" that show off 25k Night vision at day fun shoots. I called out one and typical rich better( and he is well known) than you attitude from him started talking crap about Military how we were trash ect many at the shoot I knew so that were not to happy on his responses. In short You have it always welcome to come shoot and train with me , Heck I dont even have slings to mine unless I am doing a run and gun with pistol . I do not care what optic you have or even if you have one .To be honest most "influencers with gucci guns and gear shoot 25-40 yards dont even need a 1k optic . I dislike regimented ranges I prefer to "touch grass" I even ran shoot houses and ranges in the military like that I want you to get comfortable with techniques not what gear you have . I dont even count rounds I put in training mags you may have 15 you may have 23 or 30?? ( you wont count under fire ) so train like that opps reload on the run. In the world of tactical shooting Breaching , room clearing ect changes fast but most rely on the same basics , Most of us will never need such tactics as a "team" but some things you can use as a single . Do you need to know what grain of det cord to use on a steel door with a 8 inch breach pop , probably never. All in all I try to keep ranges fun and that keeps you engaged and learning
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