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  1. Which By the way notice Hales AR has a "Pistol Brace " Do you think she was planning to "register it "? I bet not.
  2. Because those are actually targeted by being put on watchlists and call white supremist groups for the most part. Social Media will take down those posts while the Pride group and spread hate when and where they like But we will protest against guns Hundreds rally for gun reform at Nashville State Capitol (msn.com)
  3. News Flash , We as a nation Have been in the starting for years now . And this is how its treated , We if you havent noticed by the Few Fed accounts here are the target . Why, because we abide by the law . When a country places returning Combat Vets on watchlists labels them a terror groups and nothing gets said we have a problem According to a report by San Diego Gay and Lesbian News, the rest of the caption read: "If you transphobes try to come after me, I'll take a few of you with me." While many social media users have said they have found the video unnerving due to the recent shooting, Denker has previously posted videos on YouTube showing rifles and appears to own guns. Similar videos often circulate on social media from gun activists. While Denker's Twitter page is now more private, a visible bio addresses the popularity of the clip. Denker wrote: "The FBI's joint terrorism task force contacted *me* to let me know that they are watching *YALL harassers,* not me. Because I didn't do anything wrong." Newsweek has reached out to the FBI via email for a response. According to a Mail Online report, Denker is believed to be a former soldier. However, the report does not explain the source of this information. Denker has been accused of being a supporter of a supposed event called the "Trans Day of Vengeance." Who Is Kayla Denker? Militant Transgender Activist Posing With Assault Rifle (msn.com)
  4. For the same reason we wont, because they are Approved Government groups and allowed same as Anitfa and BLM . But make no doubt if we stood up as a group we would be labeled as terrorists .
  5. Its more than that BLM has proved it we will sit idly by and watch . All the companies that Fly that Pride crap No one as made mention of the 6 dead or condemned the group .
  6. Am I trying to fit in or establish a controlled edge , by not letting on that I understand what they may say to others ?
  7. Nashville shooter had purchased 7 weapons and was under doctor's care for emotional problems: police chief Nashville shooter had purchased 7 weapons and was under doctor's care for emotional problems: police chief (msn.com) And Here lies the issue on NICS checks why is there a box to admit you have mental issues on the 4473 box 14 Checking this box should be a instant deny
  8. I dont blame the parents , I think its peers and social media trying to show "be different " and be accepted , Its a wish to obtain attention that they feel they dont get normally , good they like, bad they can label you with whatever term they like .
  9. Yes in 40 years if they dig up body they will call it a female
  10. Dont get me wrong , These guys did good . However I feel most LEO's good benefit from more training on this as we see it too often . It's just me Its how I survived 8 years in combat sometimes doing multiple breaches in a night ,and what I trained when not there always room to learn and by all means its changed even since my last time in 2014 and some are just personal preference (damn its been 9 years ) I watch all the current training groups and discuss with a few of the better training groups (Which if a Group is interested in going I can tell you a few good ones ) From what I saw and good For Ryan he took charge and seemed to have some basic idea on what was needed some of the errors I saw were from a department not having a SOP that they train to . Any Active LEO's I recommend your dept having a standard training SOP so everyone is on same page . And No I dont do it Professionally anymore but as AWG thats what we taught and recommended .
  11. There is a difference between Crazy and Looney Ozzy may be crazy but sure isnt that looney
  12. I have seen 3 cams and well , they are hard to watch . As a former door kicker and CQC instructor That was hard . I understand that they dont get much training on this and maybe many LEO's can speak up they need more training and understand that they may not be every training as a group they were in , The Crossovers and flagging was too high in a High stress environment . I respect their willingness to engage , but also lack training and team breaching tactics . I also understand that most LEO's dont do this 3-4 times a night for days straight like we did Tactics change daily and by SOP , but with any situation like this a AAR is needed and learn from the mistakes they made. That being said luckily the target was put down , but they are luck the target didnt have any training also
  13. Had one in North Dakota yesterday also , Now here lies the question ,Since we deal with railroads at work Last week we were told about a derailment in South Dakota last Monday however , riddle me this there was zero news on this and well no service disruption https://www.valleynewslive.com/2023/03/27/reported-incident-involving-train-richland-county/
  14. It will become the guns fault today as , Manifesto show the Her/she/him/ thing picked a soft target , And well since the pronouns were abused it will be the guns fault not the mentally unstable Pride/Trans group fault .
  15. LOL I have a clown you could have added to that
  16. There Is a reason for one we used we called the "homewrecker"
  17. Or after 88 days of being submitted it become a Auto DENY , there fore the ATF can and they have already stated they will come door knocking
  18. Never used it , Should I probably , I would rather go back to Afghanistan then go to Walmart
  19. Let do some checking Do some checking on that one for you , Because well I dont trust the feds on this one ,
  20. Happen to see the Northern lights last night that far south ?
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