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  1. Its Not there but then again neither is the old PX
  2. Please Excuse Our Aussie friends they have always been just a touch different
  3. I am one of those that never knows how to answer that "Thanks for your Service " mainly I feel so many feel like they have to say It , I did my job , and I dont feel like I did anything special. I do miss the nights after a mission all BS'ing about whatever and the training . Wasnt a better thing than taking a basic group and working with them for a week in tactics of CQC and shoot house going from crawling and saying bang bang and explaining their reasoning to full speed live fire shoot houses .
  4. That time of year of Thank me for my service , but lets cancel The most Important Drinking fest of the Year The Marine Corps Birthday Ball Has been canceled due to upcoming "operational demands "
  5. Just trying to bump this to page 666 . Meta must be giving these out like its Halloween lately .
  6. What you two do in your own time , is not my concern Matter of fact I dont even want to hear it
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