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  1. Yep and , actually had a cookout in Iraq some IA / Terps also there had Pork Ribs , told them before the response was well funny and not something I should post here .
  2. No its Peacock , they do quite well in that climate He already has/had in also in AZ 26 Bar ranch dont know it his part was sold off ??? The ranch was used in films Stagecoach and Red River .
  3. Yep , Government dont like its servants bettering themselves
  4. There you Go no need for those light weight shot glasses made for the Air Force , We drink Like real men 40 mm , Shell casing would be appx 3 inches long , Never measured them but I used a bunch
  5. Depends on what meat and where I am , I like ribs heavy smoke, so Pitboss smoker after 2 hours of Smoke daddy cold smoker .
  6. Someone else's Pensions in another Country Gender Studies for Pakistan
  7. Well so heres the Build back better for Disabled Vets , serve get injured and you might get a Disability check Option Component. Under this option, VA would means-test all current and prospective recipients of VA disability compensation beginning in January 2024; after that date, veterans would receive full payments only if their gross household income in the prior calendar year was less than an inflation-indexed threshold for that year. Disability benefits would be phased out at a constant rate for veterans with income above the threshold: For every additional two dollars of gross household income, disability compensation would decrease by one dollar. Effects on the Budget. CBO estimates that reducing or eliminating VA disability benefits for households whose gross household income exceeded the threshold would lower mandatory spending by $253 billion between 2023 and 2032 relative to CBO's baseline. In 2024, the number of veterans who would no longer receive any payments would total 1 million, and the number receiving reduced benefits would equal about 500,000, CBO estimates. Those numbers would increase to 1.1 million and 550,000 veterans in 2032, respectively. Savings would total $33 billion in that year, a reduction of 19 percent in the program's spending. https://www.cbo.gov/budget-options/58631
  8. First , Glad you seem to be okay . Second challenge accepted stop laying there
  9. Raised in Beef country known this for years , also adds flavor and tenderness to meat .
  10. Not a chance I will be there , I have been to 3rd world crapholes have no reason to visit another...
  11. You miss spelled Mental heath Issues by a group that wants you to accept them when they couldnt accept themselves Well after hearing about the Lawsuit from a employee about Haver they may bot be around much longer BRCC is a hypocrite alot on issues
  12. One week after the surrender of Japan on September 2, 1945, General Douglas MacArthur—the Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers—ordered the arrests of Japanese suspects, including General Hideki Tojo. Twenty-eight defendants, mostly Imperial military officers and government officials, were charged. From May 3, 1946 to November 12, 1948, the trial heard testimony from 419 witnesses and saw 4,336 pieces of evidence, including depositions and affidavits from 779 individuals. Seven defendants were sentenced to death by hanging and 16 defendants were sentenced to life imprisonment. https://www.nationalww2museum.org/war/topics/tokyo-war-crimes-trial#:~:text=Eleven countries came together to,to start and wage war.
  13. I would have to see the whole video, Just like the MARSOC 3 . This is why we never let storytellers looking for fame (media) embed with us . We will get to many armchair warriors that never saw a day in combat say what they want based off what someone twisted into a story .. I dont know the mission , or backstory prior . Like some of our Nam vets will tell you whole different world when that 10 year old that you gave candy too the day before is trying to blow you up today . Do bad things happen in war , yes they do is he guilty ?? Not for me to decide , War crimes ?? In a country that Mom and dad will kill their year old baby, gut it and stuff it with explosives hardly .
  14. I survive on Coffee , Copenhagen . You dont want to remove either from me , Its not the caffeine as well dont effect me . I have to have something to drink constantly , courtesy of the chronic cough side effects of the Athrax series . Warm liquids help better
  15. Not necessarily , horses are a herd type animal , . not sure if that horse was male or female but well instinct is to mate so .
  16. I actually did that on my last KD record course In the Marines (2 months left didnt matter to me what I scored ) But has a 8541 I did get asked about it LOL I said pull the target and look
  17. You beat me to that. But you did say it less offensive than what I would have .
  18. OHH I know and Utah Bob should be Colorado Bob (even though close to Utah) and IP addresses dont lie
  19. And If I am Honest LOL you mean you arent ? No one has seen the two of you together
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