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  1. So does that figure out to appx 81 million ?:)
  2. Who am I to disappoint? Just for you ! PS it was what came to my mind also
  3. LOL Graf would do it for sure , was stationed there so ranges ect where there and down I ran the live shoot house for about a year . When we deployed they sent us to Honenfels just to make it different . We destroyed their OpFor they sent us home 5 days early and made the rest of company stay there to train .
  4. i Truly understand what you are saying , But in todays world you dont know . Half of the so-called "Patriot accounts " you see on social media are plants to push you into a comment. Even here you dont know me , I could be sitting in a Office cubicle trolling for comments , Ohh, heres one just said 'I dont trust the Gov" run a quick reverse IP Check and well Location found turn on Bulb device. Done .PS dont call me that again. Its that easy anymore . We have cell phone charge cables that hidden in the USB side give me full access to you device . Have a great day
  5. That is just the first I pulled up fact is the voice transmitter is a 45 cent piece that you cant see and can be activated from miles away and set up like your cell phone To key on certain words . The fact that you pay extra knowing what you are installing is not the issue . How would you know if you had one in your home already You wouldnt I could slip one in without you knowing simple little backyard BBQ I know I know trust your LEO and Government to protect you Jan 6
  6. You taking it apart to find out on each one ? How would you know “trust the government “?
  7. And you would be wrong https://www.walmart.com/ip/WiFi-Bulb-Security-Camera-Wireless-Bulb-Fisheye-LED-Light-360-Panoramic-Remote-Cameras-Motion-Detection-iPhone-Android-Windows/945278494
  8. A little fun facts on why they want you to use LED bulbs , we used them in Iraq to gain intel we can now hide transmitters inside them to listen and video what goes on inside that room .
  9. I didnt miss anything , Your original post showed zero other than a bunch of Spam Just goes to show If you cant do the job you volunteered for leave . , its not all arresting people for not wearing a face diaper .
  10. Yeah But back the Blue heres more to that story CPD surveillance officers who reviewed the video you just watched radioed descriptions of the men and their car to patrol units. The car’s left headlight was out, cops were told. The back right window was broken, probably because the car was stolen and the thieves had to break the glass to get inside. A few minutes later, the holdup crew displayed at least one rifle to rob another woman in the 900 block of West Randolph in the West Loop. The robbers hit her in the face. They rolled up on another woman around the same time, near Lake and Elizabeth streets. A Chicago police sergeant spotted the robbers’ getaway car as they drove through the West Loop. He mentioned it on the radio but did not pursue it.
  11. The joke would be on them going to El Centro then do you know the transit barracks have Straw filled mattresses? The USA Air Force, the pampered princesses
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