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  1. Well, We need to start doing more than sit back and hope someone does it for us. But probably to late for that because the LEO community for many parts is weaponized against us , You have been labeled a threat and well LEO's will treat you like that because "Just doing my job and what I am told " same with military . Gee where just where have we heard that before 1943 era ?? Historically Democracies (I know we are suppose to be a Republic but feel we have lost that ) only stand for appx 250 years before failing for much of the same reasons we are at the point we are know . Solution well not a good one because we are on the door step of another full out Civil War , Burn it all down and rebuild .
  2. Welcome to the club the fact they are letting you know now means they have done it for years. Been on that list multiple times as a Returning Combat Vet you are placed on that list when returning from combat . You are probably put on that list for being on this forum and paying your membership dues .
  3. I had 4 all valid at same time , the rest I will leave alone .
  4. first never said I did know you and I was speaking in general IF you took that personal thats not my fault , nor my problem Address all you want because you don't know a single thing about me , First I don't take things personal and well I have zero feelings so never think you will piss me off . Example last month My dad died My response was " Thats nice thanks for letting me know " I turned off emotions long ago I feel nothing therefore I am not like many that preach free speech and get offended when some says something I dont agree with . Just like the Pro Palestine protests hey if American's can raise a Ukraine flag at home , so can they I dont like it and most that are pro Palestine have never spent a day in the middle east but ohh well , same as worshiping Islam , satan and so oh the freedom of religion goes for them too . All good If 2024 dont bring to USA to full civil war I will be surprised .
  5. Wasn't me that sat back and laughed and fell for the news you fell for . Hate to tell you this but there are many Iraq/Afghan Vets that feel the same way . Conservative America will do Nothing we have proven that time and again . The police wont save you and we wont do anything because we are "law abiding" so we will get on that train and do as we are told . We have Americans that ohh my state is messed up I will just run and move to another state rather than protecting your own damn home . We have Americans Flying foreign flags at home because its the approved CNN agenda to support the money wash. How many got the Covid jab because they were asked too ? Wore that mask without argument because well I need to go to this store ? How many will blindly think Trump will save America? He had 4 years and he followed and backed Fauci, installed Gen Milley, banned Bump stocks and praised red flag laws , supported lockdowns , empowered the FBI and sided with Bud light because they back him. There is no one that is coming to save America expect to Self Rescue
  6. All I know is when I left CONUS , America was not a crap hole , I was overseas for 7 years and you all let America turn into a offended weak crap hole. As far as conspiracies LOL well I must be psychic because much of what I said has been proven true, If you are having the same ideas and values as the approved lines on Fakebook well you need to did deeper before you fly that other countries or groups flag
  7. Even that wont work if the infrastructure can't support it. https://www.cbsnews.com/chicago/video/more-than-170000-comed-customers-lose-power-in-winter-storm/
  8. From last night and colder tonight winds have been gentle at around 20-25 with gusts to 50
  9. -21 Here right now before the 40mph wind chill gets added
  10. A lot has changed and I mean a lot in that 70 years you quote , war will very likely never be that way ever again . On that same token the USA hasn't " won" a war since generals stopped dying in them . In which Ironically The USA hasn't won a war since the 40's So please tell me how this would be the best way to conduct a war ?? Keep in Mind that the USA also instigated the Ukraine Invasion back in 2016 https://www.facebook.com/RevolutionIreland/videos/that-moment-in-2016-when-america-pushed-ukrainians-into-aggression-towards-russi/3059178937676678/
  11. You sure about that ?? Pretty tall Hill to stand on Not one I would take for my last stand . But then again I was active duty much more recent that many here .
  12. And it was CIA / US Military "Advisors" that trained the Taliban and others
  13. LOL not this year , You can be happy if a full civil war dont break out this year ohh wait you are Aussie to late for you along with Canada .
  14. Greenie in this area is a term we used for liberal Invaders from Kolorado .
  15. Kona Peaberry dark roast . Is my weekend gallons , Rest of week Bison Union at home at work they do the Community Coffee
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