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  1. Crown Royal is doing a free to you send a care Package to Active Duty Military for the holidays Crown Royal believes that it's not about what you have, but what you give and how you give it. That's why Crown Royal is honored to partner with Packages From Home to turn donated Crown Royal Bags into care packages for active American military heroes around the world. With your help, we have packed over 1 MILLION BAGS and counting .https://pack.crownroyal.com/Home/Intro
  2. Well we all know many of Alpo's question's of theory stem from the NCIS show , so now is your turn to enter the realm Enjoy
  3. Fun Fact is that it also Violated the US flag Code Title 4, United States Code, Chapter 1 ยง 8. Respect for flag (g) The flag should never have placed upon it, nor on any part of it, nor attached to it any mark, insignia, letter, word, figure, design, picture, or drawing of any nature.
  4. Well our Officers stay active for years , all the time without actual working brain cell
  5. The only way to overcome violence is overwhelming violence , but we forgot that during the BLM BS and those that swore to protect us sit by and watch
  6. Probably a Marine thing but I have played "Manual of Arms "with a footlocker ie. right shoulder Footlocker , Present Footlocker .
  7. I had to correct a civilian on IG that said the US Military would protect him from the Government as we swore to do so . Not one place in the Oath of Enlistment does State "Protect the Citizens of the United States " as most already know it does state " Against ALL enemies Foreign and domestic "
  8. After Bull Riding Pro for Years combat at 18 in Marines , Raced Cars and Rodeos , Then Went back Military deployed 8 more times Been blown up ,shot at , I was never suppose to make it this long , It was never suppose to be my wife that dies , I went to war it was suppose to be me . My nickname in unit was Wyatt, The river scene in Tombstone explains why , not even a scratch but neck and back took the brunt of it and remind me everyday
  9. Here I was thinking that you needed some smuggled to you since Kalifornia banned them
  10. Company we hire from trucking , Had tickets for the Local Hockey game (they suck the last couple years but Hey ) So veterans day In a Air Farce town took my Girls and you know that Bear meme of looking then looking away ? Well that was them looking at me last night when they announced their "Heros" one was a Airman First Class her big accomplishment was She was airman of the Qtr and the other had "deployments to Qatar and Kuwait LOL and one to Iraq well Air Force in Iraq and Afghanistan Didnt even have to carry weapons > I was 13 months into a 15 month deployment Tal Afar / Mosul /Sinjar nasty area and finally taking R&R (back To Germany ) You get the dont drink on plane safety brief in Kuwait and well Going to Germany to fly out of Kuwait International Airport they drop you off in Civvies and tell you blend in Umm okay about that I am White and in Jeans and these Kuwaitis Go shopping at they Mall Airport at 10pm at night in pressed white man dresses with their family dont think I will fit in waiting 5-6 hours Anyway back to the Flight was on a Lufthansa (great airline ) Beer and wine rolling down the aisle before the wheels are up . I look at my XO he grabs a couple beers , I was across from some Air Force chick e-5 and when I ordered 2 beers , she was like hey "safety brief " said no drinking and so on I need you name rank Unit ect so when I get to my next duty station in Qatar I can report you .LOL Okay buttercup let me know how that works out for you . My Xo overheard her and was Shut the hell up I am His XO (He's in full beard no hair cut in months ) and He just spent over a year in the (at the time ) nastiest part of Iraq there is kicking doors and clicking triggers If he wants 20 beers he can damn well have them and you mind your own business . She was pretty quiet the rest of the flight
  11. You would be best separating and selling individual and let each coin stand on its own worth . The display was sold empty allowing collector to add coins as they had them thus why no years of mint on display . https://www.coinsupplyexpress.com/460G-Capital-sku-18992.html?feed=Froogle&gclid=Cj0KCQiAjMKqBhCgARIsAPDgWlypedWeBTGbwMnJQ2omfElXe84ZmsFlncXHGS3gOrDMXR8XyppwMPMaAq_xEALw_wcB
  12. The stumps is Kind of a love hate type relationship , After Beirut , HQMC decided that many of us needed to be split up They sent me a hog to none other than MCAS El Toro for 2 years I loved going there it got me out of alot of the BS games of details because of well not much need for a hog on a air base LOL . For those Not knowing what a hog is well its a school trained 8541 , Pigs are unit trained to fill a spot
  13. Its Not there but then again neither is the old PX
  14. Like I said in the Meme thread , I did my job that I joined to do I dont do the free meal crap , or much of the "Veteran stuff"
  15. Happy Birthday Marines ! For the non Marines this is from the beach looking up to Mount Suribachi in the back
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