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  1. I realize we haven’t given the Space Farce much attention we need to do better
  2. Afghan National Army , Tried enlarging photo but to blurry to make out ??
  3. Second look at that that a TERP or ANA so yep he is going for cover
  4. Probably Jumping back to behind the wall
  5. Just remembered the United States has one of a few air to air kills when it shot down itself for the couch dweller fact checkers 21 Sept 1956
  6. Every time I got on one the Uber driver dropped me off on in war zone do not recommend
  7. It also has lost how many Nukes 6 ???
  8. Well I did have this one Butterbar (actually a good one ) when I went back Army years later . He was born in Olongapo the year after i was there . We were BS'ing in the office when I asked when he was born and what town . So I stated well you could be , 2LT " Could be what ?" Me; My kid I was in Olongapo before then 2LT: Shut the heck up The whole room laughing
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