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  1. Must have watched what was on when I went to work this morning lol. Sucks they ordered the people that lived and farmed there Leave you have xx days
  2. Nope , not even close . Let’s just say you get what to cater too openly mocked the helo pilots that’s died in a recent crash as for him good riddance , you will not find a grain of sympathy from me .
  3. We can go all day on that one, Chemical milk , bottled water .
  4. Just saying we have alot less obesity and medical issues before Microwaves, Seed oil margarine , seed oil for cooking ect .
  5. DARPA thanks you for adding yourself to a watch list
  6. Well if you really want to hear why the Military hushed it and news dropped it ASAP let me know lets just say they catered to it the last 3 years
  7. Hmm and which way to go here a or b hmm lets go the safe choice
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