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  1. This must be a Late April FOOLS JOKE.
  2. This is why I run 5 SDB presses. I to have done similar So I bought the SDB presses.
  3. I run 4 SDB all set up for what I need. Also have 2 Rock Chucker's.
  4. Post a copy of the Bill If you can . So we can decide. This bill still needs to be tweaked in the Senate.
  5. seems fine .I will keep looking
  6. Thank You, My thoughts also Best Wishes
  7. 1872 Army model 5 1/2 round barrel steel grip frame originally purchased from Cimarron. I need all the parts except the frame. Thank You
  8. I have checked the suppliers and it would cost more to rebuild one of my frames into a functioning 38 or 44 .Any ideas on where to find used parts for this ? Thank You
  9. The market will determine value.
  10. Do these hold value after shooting them in SASS for five years. Colts do.
  11. I would lose some weight and you accomplish your problem and may also keep you alive to enjoy the game a while longer. Best Wishes JB
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