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  1. I don't know how long and what fate this one will have for us but I do count myself lucky to have found it. I was sort of secretly hoping it might have been in worse condition thus justifying a CAS "conversion" and eventual rework as a BP-Express rifle. She's a little rough in some ways but so very pristine in the one's which matter that I think, once a good cleaning and a little polishing is done, she'll be an heirloom hunting arm. Still might sleeve the barrel for 12 gauge though. 10 gauge is nuts.
  2. She's home. Lotta years. Almost no miles.
  3. If only I had the gold for this one...a Whitney would be perfect for my persona as a former Marine 1862-1872. Free bump for a great piece!
  4. Looking at getting a half dozen holsters for my boys to get their game going and not have to transfer leather mid match. Anyone have some good, not too spendy, rigs for some young buckaroos? I can probably do with a mix of barrel lengths. I have 45 belts and slides they'll be able to use for 410 if the station calls for it.
  5. I think you might have. Yeah now I recall you did. I gotta look it up.
  6. Buckle to hole length: 44-48" for me 40-44" for her 28-32" for the boys Also, all right handed shooters.
  7. Bought some 2 7/8" brass hulls but I still need more. Let me know what you can spare!
  8. Got any old holsters and leather you want to move along to make room for all that good gear your getting at EOT? Maybe you got a Christmas present you don't like but can't throw away? Getting out of the game altogether and just wish someone would pop up that could take your good-enough gear and put some years on it? Well have I got a deal for you. I will trade real American money made right here in the USA for the goods I need to get my wife, kids, and myself set up well enough to show our faces on the trail. I guess I can trade other stuff as well but if it will want to be shipped with a HAZMAT sticker, we'll need to be face to face. Looking for: -Her- Cowgirl/Lady Wrangler/Frontier Cartridge Rig for 38 and holsters for Cimarron Lightning 3 1/2" and/or Model P Jr./Taylor Stallion 4 3/4" -Him- Cowboy/Wrangler/Duelist/Classic Cowboy/Frontier Cartridge Rig for 45 and holsters for 1875 Remington clone in 5 1/2" and/or 7 1/2" barrels. Prefer strongside and cross draw combination. Also need shotshell holders for 12 gauge and 10 gauge and a belt or shell pouches for 45-70 (11.7x51R actually). -The Boys- Buckaroos (8, 10, 12) Rigs for 22 and Ruger Wrangler, Bearcat, and Heritage revolvers. Shotshell holders for 410. Cartridge pouches, range kit, loading blocks, and anything else you need to have to get going are all in short supply here. I don't mind buying extra gear if you don't mind cutting a good deal on it. The boys will almost certainly grow into bigger guns in the next few year but this is where we are starting because these are the guns we've got and what I am comfortable with providing them for now.
  9. I'm "investing" in a 10 bore Greener and need a supply of hulls to get along down the road. I thought I'd try something new and offer a price rather than "let me know what you got." I'll give $2 apiece for unfired plastic hulls, $6 each for 2 5/8" unfired brass hulls and $3 for fired, and $7 each for 2 7/8" unfired brass and $3.50 each for fired.
  10. Well, a fool and his money... And I may be a fool. But I'd rather be lucky than good any day. Got word back from Graham Greener at WW Greener (the same) with information that leads me to believe the gun is in an unaltered state so far as BP proofed barrels are concerned. It is not a Damascus gun but certainly never proofed for smokeless/nitro. Information was limited as it is over 140 years old but by the look of things it is a good example of a late Anson & Deeley action WW Greener. The book will help things as well. With that in mind, I've made a good offer which defrays the cost of 10 gauge BP loads and the risk of buying nothing more than an object d'arte and the seller has accepted. Now to get a good supply of linseed oil and turpentine...
  11. Yeah I thought about it long enough to give up on pursuing it. Present owner was simultaneously "not interested in looking into it (and looking to sell)" and then suddenly the price went to "no low balls, I know what I got". I know what he's got too...a shotgun shaped decoration.
  12. Looking forward to connecting with a couple folks today. If there are more out there, please let me know. My FFL likes less paperwork and more guns at one time is that.
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