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  1. Yes, the rest of the parts listed, including the DVD, is $200.00, buyer pays the shipping.
  2. Hi Tyler, I will part with the big loop...I would need $180.00 for it, and the buyer pays the shipping. Let me know if you want to buy it., and I can figure out the shipping, payment terms, etc. Thanks for your interest! Randy.
  3. The Rossi 92 'Do It Yourself' DIY Action Job KIT includes everything you need to slick up your Rossi 92 to be Race-Ready smooth and fast. ROSSI 92 RIFLE NOT INCLUDED! $300.00 SELLER PAYS SHIPPING Don't settle for a rough, slow, ammo jammin', case crushin' Rossi 92 that will force you to lose match after match and ruin your otherwise reloadable brass. You need only a few readily available screwdriver tips, punches, some means to grind metal, a padded vice and this DVD to get you slicking your Rossi. INCLUDES: DIY Action Job Kit DVD with STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS 1 Mag Follower 1 Saddle Ring, Stainless Steel Magazine Spring, 357/38Spl. Plug Screws, Stainless Steel Rossi 92 Rifle Tool Kit 3/4 Big Loop Lever, Stainless Steel
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