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  1. This weeded there was a situation that I didn't know exactly the call should be. 

    The stage scenario called for shooting 6 targets in a 1-3-1-1-3-1 sweep. I was shooting in the duelist category. When I shot my first revolver I miss counted and shot 1-2-1. At that point I holstered my first revolver, pull and cocked my second revolver. At this point the TO says you have one more in the first revolver. I then pull the first revolver and fire the last round. So now I have a procedural for shooting the targets out of order and having two loaded revolvers in hand at the same time. I was given a procedural penalty. What is the penalty for two loaded hand guns in the hand at the same time? Should I received an additional penalty. I can't find any thing in the handbook except that I can't have 2 loaded revolvers in hand at the same time.

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