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  1. Very interested in those Rugers. Are you in need of anything -tradewise? Or just the cash?

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    2. Lefty Too Slim, Sass#44564

      Lefty Too Slim, Sass#44564

      nothing wierd at all. never had a misfire so far

    3. Cole Younger Requlator

      Cole Younger Requlator

      I am just waiting on my  tax prep to see if I owe anything- If I am clear on that front- I'll take them.

      I will hear tomorrow-- thanks and I don't have to wait for a refund

    4. Lefty Too Slim, Sass#44564

      Lefty Too Slim, Sass#44564

      Ok. I also have a bunch of .457 balls to throw in and a cylinder press that i dont need.

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