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  1. Primo Reloading is a SCAM! There is no business listing for this company on the Springfield, OR website, the address is a residential home. STAY AWAY!
  2. I am on a hunt to find SCAMMERS Firearms World, Ammo Universe and Shootar Illusions are all located at 3641 SW Avalon Lane, Topeka, Kansas and they are all SCAMS! This property is 1377 sq. ft. home in a residential area per Topeka City records. The FFL# is also bogus. It, like Tactical World and Alpha Horizon Academy in Maine is off by one digit from an actual FFL owner at the address listed. These CRIMINALS are actually stealing the identity of real FFL# owners. I looked at the web sites and they all have the same layout which makes me think they are connected. I suspect this is much larger than imagined. Send me more suspected fake sites. As I find these I will pass the info on to the Feds. Please pass this around and help shut them down! I will check on Prime Reloading as well.
  3. There are 2 website that need to be added; https://tactical-world.net/ and https://alphahorizonarmory.com/. as FAKE WEBSITES. Both of these companies are scams, they have a bogus FFL#, there is no business at the address in Maine on their websites (per the local sheriff) and they do not ship anything. The stole the identity, address and FFL# from a local gunsmith there and the BATF has been advised. They do ask for more money for insurance through but there is no one to talk to about a refund. STAY AWAY! Total SCUMS and CRIMINALS and local, state and federal authorities have been advised.
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