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  1. LOL, that was meant as a funny, maybe I should have put a winky smiley face.
  2. Most times when the sun goes down or during the day light roaming I either pull out the Glock or the 1911. But you know what they say a handgun is only for getting to that long arm.
  3. They may think they can but legally they can't. You can file formal complaint to his office, and other actions . He has to have probable cause for a search.
  4. I said it could fill the defensive role in a civilian HD scenario. And with most civilian shootings lasting less than about 6 rounds why wouldn't it work? Sure a semi is best a DA revolver would be next then SA. But you can't compare what the military needs compared to the average needs of a civilian. A untrained civilian will not be able to quickly reload even your DA revolver and would best be suited by the semi as long as there is no malfunctions.
  5. I assumed you had to good ones with the comment "I disagree about Senators, I think in general they are a little more respectful to the constitution than house members at least the Republican Senators." I figured you must have a couple good ones.
  6. Civilian population use is totally different than military use. So while not my first choice a SA could fill the role of defensive weapon.
  7. It's actually allot simpler than that. If you don't like the price they are charging then don't buy from them.
  8. Just love it. Cowboy way at his finest.
  9. Ok I'll agree to disagree. They all care about themselves and the money they are getting. If what the people want doesn't further their pocket book, agenda or get them re-elected, they aren't going to do it. And besides a little more respectful than Congressmen/women isn't saying much like comparing a drunk to a dope head. You may be like the only lucky person there is with your 2.
  10. Senate , only thing different about them is the name other wise the politicians are the same as they are in the House.
  11. And they feel they will get more votes from the anti crowd than our crowd so they feel they will be staying in office by voting for it. So yes it is a waste of time. Besides there are absolutely ZERO politicians of either party that give two shakes about the general population. Hmmm been in the works for over a year. Sponsor: Rep. Cicilline, David N. [D-RI-1] (Introduced 03/11/2021)
  12. Are there catridge conversions for the Uberti 62's?
  13. Taylors firearms sells Pietta and Uberti parts.
  14. Thanks for the info Dawg, I'm still learning as I go.
  15. Found this on the internet don't know if its true or not. Pietta 1862 pocket has the same frame and grip as the 1851 (SAA grip), but Uberti's 1862 frame and grip is the same as the 1849 pocket.
  16. SOmetimes you have no choice but to lock it in the vehicle. Either that or go the whole trip unarmed. I'll take the chance.
  17. Are a weird lot, oh wait we are talking about them wearing cover inside. Semper Fi
  18. Any gun I carry has to be dependable price has no bearing on it. Only if I can depend on it to fire when necessary and not fail. The LCR is a excellent carry as good as any of the new Smith's out there but lighter. I carry a converted LCRX to LCR config but keeping the 3" barrel.
  19. They are great little rifles. I have one was the first 22 I ever owned given to me by my dad. Still have it, beat up but one that sits in the safe now days. My son used to shoot it all the time when he was growing up. Hoping maybe 1 of the 6 grandson's will take to it.
  20. Last week got stung 3 times by Guinee wasps, 1 in the top of my head , 2 behind my right ear. Today was walking on the carport barefoot and stepped on a red wasp or a hornet, not sure got me in my toe next to my big toe and boy did it hurt even after putting bleach on it. Swelled up like a big ole peanut also. I'm tired of stingy critters, oh and spiders also.
  21. I had or have no problem with the sights. The strength of the frame and the design thats another problem though. And no it was not severe abuse. And I had zero confidence in Ruger not excepting poor design and not charging me. And I was not paying for the shipping to send it to them just to have them charge me to fix it or send it back if I didn't want to pay for it.
  22. Something to know about the LCRX as opposed to the LCR. The LCR has a screw holding the top part right above the hammer shroud to hold the top barrel part together with the bottom part called the fire control group. The LCRX does not so where the hammer is and the screw is not there is a weak point. Mine got broke because of that. Found a LCR fire control group used bought a hammerless style hammer and converted my LCRX to a 3" LCR. You could literally grab the end of the barrel and the end of the grip and pull them towards each other and break the revolver in half.
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