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  1. I seriously would take that with a grain of salt. As even in cities you would be lucky to drive less than 5 miles. Polls and surveys can be made to say what ever you won't them to depending on who you poll and survey. It also depends on location also. Love for that to be made in Ms, Louisiana, Alabama areas. You would see a hell of allot different results. Or any heavily rural area. Quick Google check. Amazing how it differs from yours. How many miles is the average commute to work? What is the National Average Commute to Work? The U.S. Census Bureau reports the average one-way travel time to work in 2019 was 27.6 minutes, up from 25 minutes in 2006. Federal Highway Administration data from 2019 indicates motorists in the U.S. drive an average of 39 miles per day.Sep 22, 2021 How many miles does the average person commute? According to data analyzed by Jerry, the average round trip to and from work in the U.S. is over 41 miles a day. The health effects of commuting are serious, but there are strategies to reduce their impact.Nov 20, 2021 What is a normal daily commute? What is the average commute to work like in the USA? The national average commute time in the U.S. is 26.6 minutes, according to the Census Bureau. That means as a whole, the daily average American commute time is just under an hour, 53.2 minutes, assuming one round trip.
  2. No Sir never said that. I work a 3 week on 3 week off rotation. Either way a EV won't work for me. Not to mention the US power grid will never handle every family owning one. Or not for my life time or yours.
  3. Love to see that EV make those trips ever day. That would be like burning a big flood light and a 75" tv over night right? And while I do commute 250 miles one way. Ms to La coast to work offshore, there is no snow and I don't tow a trailer. If I did have to I'd need one of those magical Cali EV's with that sweet charge rate and that average commute you Googled, LOL.
  4. No more than half the people where I live have at least a 28-38 mile trip to work. And I didn't google it I know from when I was laid off and had to drive to the next town to find work. Small rural towns in Ms don't offer allot of employment opportunities. But God yes lets trust Google cause if Google says its so its the liberal truth of the matter right?
  5. I don't think you understand what a long commute is.
  6. So where are you getting your so called facts on average commute? You honestly believe everyone lives within 20 miles of there job? Not everyone lives inside the cities and there are a huge amount of people that live in rural areas with over 40 mile commutes. Light and a tv, lol, yeah right. I really love listening to your Cali attitude. Its really easy to see why Cali is in the shape it is in.
  7. We would actually have to be in a climate change scenario first. Scientist say what ever gets them million and billion dollar grants.
  8. Nothing serious and is actually a common one. But the problem is they used to fill 90 day on this medicine all the time, insurance has approved it they are just being pains in the butts. This started around covid time. So feel like its they don't won't to give out that much incase they get low. Thats not my problem and they should fill according to what the doctor prescribes.
  9. They should fill it as per the prescription. I have trouble with Walgreens cutting my 3 month prescriptions and just giving me 30 day refill. I have to get on too them about it regularly. If they don't start filling as per prescription I'm going to start filing complaints online and possible move to a different Pharmacy. I personally think they do this to in their mind ensure they have pills for more people.
  10. Hottest temp in Death Valley according to Mr Google was 134 degrees many years ago. Guess global warming is like covid just rears its ugly head when it serves a purpose.
  11. California can't buy enough electricity now for their people without electric cars. How are they going to handle consumption with everyone owning and charging electric cars? Hell they can't handle it right now asking people to restrict electric usage and giving certain times to charge cars.
  12. I wonder which politicians are getting kick backs for pushing this so called green agenda? Funny thing is people are to stupid to realize its not green at all. Windmills need oil for lubrication which they leak onto the land or into the ocean, batteries are a hazard in there own. Yep really would like to see the money trail behind all this.
  13. Global Warming Climate change. Aren't the Polar bears long extinct from the polar ice caps and glaciers melting away years ago as been predicted by Al Gore back in what 93? Wasn't the increased water from the melted caps supposed to cause coastal flooding also? Wait for it, wait for it, yeah still nothing.
  14. Mix, or not. Just depends on my mood at the time. But generally doesn't bother me in any way.
  15. I just had to mow the grass and grade the driveway..........
  16. Yeah thats happened allot over the years, burning down gas stations from driving off with the fuel hose still connected, Sheesh. SMH
  17. Price come down? Have you not looked at the price of all goods since this admin has went into office? If anything that 12k and 6k have probably increased 50% in cost. Thats still 12k to 6k every 5-7 years. I'd say a money pit.
  18. Gee that is nothing, except over half the average yearly income of most families. Move along people nothing to see here.
  19. No one item will degrade the exactly the same. All you have to do is look at batteries in cell phones. Hell mine is less than a year old and its down to 87%. Funny thing about batteries. LMBO, I don't think anyone in this thread has said EV's won't work for some. But on a whole they will not work for the masses. Now if you could just admit the same not only would hell freeze over but the 7 layers of the abyss would also.
  20. Its really sad to be truthful. While EV's can be a good choice for some. On a whole they are not a good choice for others even if we had the electrical grid to support them. But alas we don't. We see more and more rolling brown outs and blackouts for lack of enough electricity to supply to consumers. I guess it will just go away once we are all forced to by EV's. Wonder how long it will take Airlines to switch to EV planes? Oh wait they won't so why I'am I going to have to? Oh yeah to save the planet. SMH
  21. Fixed it for you. Unless they somehow defy ohms law, or made out of some miracle material they aren't currently using for any other batteries currently on the market.
  22. Apples to oranges. You are comparing a fully charged EV to a gas vehicle with 1/4 tank. You also make the assumption that EV owners are going to be better at keeping their vehicle topped off. I guess they magically change into different mentalities after buying a EV and will always keep them fully charged. If both are topped off I'll take the gas burner. If the gas burner only has half a tank I'd still take it. Hell I drive a older truck and get better than 250 miles range on it. I also drive right at 250 miles to work. And I drive to the coast areas and that is during hurricane season also.
  23. LOL spoken by a true EV convert. Power usage is power usage, whether it is in a EV or a house. But it also shows you don't understand basic electrical principles. Maybe by you a Ugly's book and do a little reading. I'm sure you will find there is no electrical formula's for say a house and separate ones for a EV. EV's can work for a few or maybe some people in cities with very short commutes. For those in rural areas or states without a huge amount of large cities they will never work. Oh lets not forget the electrical grid can't support every family switching to EV's. Kind a like having a 100 amp breaker and putting enough on it to draw 1000amps. Not going to work.
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