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  1. How’s that working… what type of terrain has it seen? I like the idea!!
  2. Sorry for the delay. Been out of commission. It is what I’m looking for, but I’m sure you sold it. You weee more than kind. !
  3. Like that weight, size and most important s role. Open SG that’s not stressing on the hinge pins. I do not like the way some are full cocked open and bouncing on the frame!
  4. Need to make a gun kart. Like to see the good, bad & ugly. Just looking for the ideas and details you like. Show us !! Will build one as a prototype and use it. Have the ability to CNN the parts and make a few. Once programmed they can be run individually and easily on demand. But first, What’s the good and the bad!
  5. Have this in a high rib at 32" and love it one of my favorite firing guns. Breaks them clays hard!
  6. Why would a different cylinder weaken it? Especially if loads were kept in line with original intent. Curious. I have herd the same before.
  7. So what you said, is that gun, Pietta 1858 Army .44 Caliber, a conversion with soft loads is fine. R&D would be great so you have five shots and a safety hole.
  8. So the question grows... Can I use a conversion cylinder and 45CL??
  9. Pics, pleasaes, Im think'in this is what I have been hunt'in fo! thanks. If not pay pal... company check? Personal check?
  10. Can a brasses case like this be used in cowboy action? Can the conversion and 45lc be used?
  11. are ya selling as a pair or you willing to sell an only child!
  12. yes, as I said. Feels fine but im so dang NEW at it a cow patty would feel fine. Some things take time and trying to figure out. If its a good product, that a place to start. The advice about fit and grip are helpful and I'll re-asses this weekend. Maybe next go to the CBA rang and shoot some steel.
  13. Are you saying On a Taylor you'll never know the real MFG. Turn down hammers?? is that a different profile or just modified hammers?
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