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  1. We have begun the planning for our annual BEST SHOOT BY A DAM SITE. As always it will be a great traditional cowboy action fun filled match!

    Please make note the dates of April 2nd and 3rd as Dam site will happen in April this year instead of May.


    We will be getting the registration forms and information up on the website within the next month and will also post a reminder here when that happens. Keep checking the website for updates. 


    We are looking forward to seeing everyone out on the rage! 



  2. I don't run a Dillon Bull, but I can talk you through a few things this weekend and try to help. But to start, have you looked in the dies and ensured they are free of build up and debri?

    Will you be shooting this weekend?



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  3. check for over rotation of the cylinder when cocking aggressively.  I just helped a fellow shooter with a new pietta having the same issues. If cocking the hammer say one handed, it cooked and caught the cylinder as it should. But using two hands with any speed, it would fire the first two rounds fine. but as the aggression for speed increased, the cylinder would over rotate and the firing pin would hit the rim of the casing or sometimes between casings. The timing of this new pistol was so close that the bolt would sometimes not catch the cylinder and the inertia would let the cylinder over rotate causing the same issue you are describing. If we would pull the hammer fast when testing, it would over rotate even on the first pull during testing. Under his normal shooting style it would not show up till the second or third round.

    hope this helps


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  4. We have just 24 days left before the first round goes down range at Eldorado. The exitement is starting to build. Registrations are steadily rolling in and the list is growing. 

    The whos coming list is up to date for registrations we have recieved as to date, and have been updated on the website. I am hopeing to see some old friends, and make some new ones this year. The campground pot luck will give us all a chance to catch up and tell lies with each other. We have some fun and playfull stages planned out, a cowboy clays evening shoot and a full run of side matches that will be good for some freindly competition and hopefully a few smiles that we could all use. 

    Please send us you applications if you are planning to come and have not already done so.  Thank you. 


    Looking forward to seeing you all out on the range.

  5. Take your time Creeker. Your body will let you know. Listen to it (and Painted Lady, because she knows when you are not listening to it!)

    I was proud to see you out this morning and giving it a go. Stop beating your self up and let it all happen. I am pretty sure that everyone was just glad to see you out doing your best at what you enjoy doing. There is so much understanding amongst the cowboys everywhere I have ever shot. It is no different right here at home. Other than the lack of stamina that you were suffering from, You shot well and preformed well. As others have said here Creeker, set some goals. Next time try for three. We will all be there to help you through it so the next time you can stay for four! It will come back as long as you keep trying to reach for it. Recovering form these sorta things is like running a 5k marathon. You dont just wake up one morning and go run one. You have to run up and down the street a few times. Then work your way around the corner a few times, then then the block. From there you keep expanding. All the while, know when to quit and try again tomorrow. But the next time try for a few more houses than the last time. Believe me, it will come back. A positive mind is a powerfull tool!

    Anyhow, it was good to see you out, and I hope to see you out again soon.

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  6. We are well underway with getting Eldorado ready. The sages are in the final steps, everything that needs to be booked is booked, registrations are coming in and the details are being ironed out. We are looking forward to having everyone joining us for this great shoot. We are planning some campground activities as well, so bring your rigs down to the range and enjoy some camping too! You can find registartion information on the website www.eldoradocowboys.com


    Looking forward to seeing everyone on the range

  7. There will be RO1 and RO2 classes held during this event if anyone is interested in taking these classes. Classes will be available to new shooters as well as refresher courses.. If you are interested please let us know so we can get you booked. 

    If you are interested in becoming an RO instructor please let us know.

    See you on the range

  8. The Eldorado Cowboys are currently taking registration for the Annual Eldorado SASS NV State Match and the new SASS NV Black Powder State match coming Sept 29th thru Oct 2, 2021 RO classes will be available.
    Get your registration in now, come have some amazing cowboy fun!!!
    Complete registration forms can be located at the Eldorado Cowboys Website @ www.eldoradocowboys.com or click on the links below!
    Thanks to all you, from The Eldorado Cowboys for helping make this great event happen!!!
    We look forward to seeing you on the Range!
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