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  1. Thanks for the post John! Vegemite seems to be VERY polarizing, you either love the stuff or loath it. Being brought up from babies on the stuff Aussies are in the former. 2, is just a plain old banger (that's what we call a sausage here in Oz) on a slice of bread with tomato sauce (what yo guys call ketchup). 3. Some Aussies have 'upmarketed' avo on toast and added Feta cheese....I like just plain smashed avo on my toast. 4. You would be hard pressed to go to a child's birthday party in Oz and there wasn't 'Fairy bread' on the table....white buttered bread sprinkled with hundreds and thousands.....and you will see adults partake in them to recapture their childhoods https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fairy_bread
  2. Uh Oh https://www.buzzfeed.com/michellerennex/australian-battered-potatoes
  3. My Dad used to drink it now and again....it was touted as a 'meal in a bottle' .... I can't stand the taste of it.
  4. An Aussie favourite large single chocolate biscuit for generations -
  5. Thanks for posting that up Dave, appreciated mate.
  6. That's just absolutely disgusting....I hope they get there just desserts one day.
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