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  1. Knickers, a Holstein Friesian cow from Australia, is so massive that she cannot be slaughtered or sold. Weighing in at an impressive 3,086 pounds (1.4 tonnes) and standing at 6 feet 4 inches tall, she has become an internet sensation due to her extraordinary size.
  2. We haven't (hopefully) got too much more to go through until Autumn arrives soon.
  3. Running out of ideas???? This is Australia....never happen We've discussed Junket....but I don't think that photo of Junket has been posted, if I have.....I claim the same thing that Biden does "I don't remember" !
  4. There's always someone who collects things others wouldn't.....Aussie payphones
  5. That's a lot of pineapple for a lot of pizzas !
  6. I was lucky and got two 1.5kg jugs cheaply from someone who didn't want them yesterday.
  7. Yes Alpo, ten pin bowling but most people just say 'Bowling'. This is cricket bowling -
  8. German WWII Submarine Walkthrough & Tour- The U995 Amazing that the Allies and the Axis could build these seriously complicated subs so quickly, the walk through was brilliant and really showed the complexity.
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