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  1. Typical kids party (or sometimes any party) tucker.......been this forever and I reckon it will be forever Mini meat pies, mini sausage rolls, mini frankfurt's and tomato sauce.
  2. Rum Rebellion https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rum_Rebellion
  3. For a second or two I thought I thought "Aussies" then I noticed the upside down guy wasn't facing the oncoming horse.
  4. Ours goes up, I do like the swing open door ones and would have been better for our garage.
  5. Anyone have a hint on how to stop a leaking Hornady Cyclone rotary wet tumbler? I can put the lid on till its hard to get off and the bugger still leaks.
  6. Just bought my wife a hybrid, had it for a week the petrol milage is incredible at 5 litres per 100 klm so far, book says to expect 4.7 litres per 100klm after first service.
  7. When lips turn into suction caps
  8. G'day Brazos its one I came across the other day.....immediately just loved it. I'd like a hi res of it because I'd get it printed to hang myself on one of our walls.
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